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You’re entering the forensic restoration zone. Get into the zone on topics like disinfection, infectious disease control, crime scene cleanup, illicit drug lab remediation, biohazard cleanup, and more.

2023 C&R Top Content

In 2023, C&R shared and published hundreds of articles, podcasts, videos, news releases, and more! Here are the most popular posts in every category this year! Most-Read Articles in 2023 Allstate Pays Contractor $335,000 to Settle Dispute over $33,000 Restoration Invoice https://candrmagazine.com/allstate-pays-contractor-335000-to-settle-dispute-over-33000-restoration-invoice/ written by Edward H. Cross, esq. of Restoration CrossCheck & Law Offices of Edward H. Cross & Associates 10 Secret Xactimate Line Items https://candrmagazine.com/10-secret-xactimate-line-items/ written by Matt Gregory of RestorationX Dehumidification Capacity in Structural Drying https://candrmagazine.com/dehumidification-capacity-in-structural-drying/ written by of Josh Woolen of EGA-Commissioner (EGA-Cx) 2023 Restoration Industry Predictions https://candrmagazine.com/2023-restoration-industry-predictions/ written by Phillip

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Ethical Boundaries of Crime Scene Cleanup

On this episode, we are joined by Psychologist, speaker, fellow podcast host, & author of the book “What Now – Navigating the Aftermath of Homicide or Suicide,” Dr. Jan Canty. Michelle was introduced to Dr. Canty through a blog on ethical lines for crime scene cleanup. You can read the blog post HERE. Episode highlights: The story behind her book Ethical boundaries for crime and trauma scene cleanup companies How companies in the industry can/should be helping survivors of great losses Red flags of trouble Advice for survivors on finding the right company to

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How Compassion Helps Restorers Uncover the Unexpected Rewards of Biohazard Cleanup

In the biohazard cleanup industry, where our services include crime scene and suicide cleanup, hoarding situations, undiscovered deaths, and other moments of unexpected crisis, we frequently meet our clients in the midst of trauma. They are often experiencing a wide range of intense emotions, including shock, grief, guilt, or shame. The technical expertise and professionalism that biohazard cleanup services provide is critical to helping clients get through their distress. Failing to properly clean a site could trigger more interruptions and potentially hamper the grieving or healing process, so getting the job done right the

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Did Science Fail During COVID-19?

The COVID state of emergency was officially lifted in May. For practical purposes, the emergency ended about a year earlier. I am the chairman of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), a cleaning science organization. What I am about to write goes against interest, if interest is defined as promoting science. And I want to be clear that my words are not the official position of CIRI. CIRI has not taken a position and others in the organization may well disagree with me. If that is the case, perhaps in a subsequent issue a

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A New Generation of UV-C Disinfection & Odor Removal

UV-C light is a common disinfection tool in many industries, but a topic not often discussed in restoration, until now. Several industry veterans have been hard at work behind the scenes building an all-new generation of UV-C disinfection and odor removal equipment. Tom McArdle, executive vice president of Airbotx, joins Restoration Today to discuss UV-C technology and answer questions like: What is it? How can these machines be used in the cleaning and restoration industry? Where are these machines made? What makes Airbotx equipment different from other machines on the market? Do machines like

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Protecting Your Right to Payment: What Contractors Must Know in the Wake of Hurricane Hilary

Getting Paid for Work on Hurricane Hilary from Edward Cross on Vimeo. As a disaster recovery contractor, you play a vital role in helping communities rebuild after a devastating natural event like Hurricane Hilary. Your dedication to repairing and restoring homes and businesses is commendable. However, rushing out to address the damage can lead to some legal and financial pitfalls if you don’t carefully navigate California’s labyrinth of consumer protection regulations. It is essential understand and comply with the statutory requirements to ensure you are paid for your services. Here are some crucial points

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Cashing in on Casinos: Commercial HVAC Cleaning (with VIDEO!)

Publisher’s Note: We LOVE sharing interesting case studies in C&R! In this article, David Hart shares his knowledge from years of experience in HVAC and duct cleaning, and as an inventor and innovator in the cleaning and restoration industry. We are sharing this story with you in multiple formats! You can read the case study below, and also dive deeper in the how-tos of the work itself, plus selling and marketing these services, in the podcast! Enjoy! After 30 years in the industry, 25 years of business ownership and 15 years of equipment engineering

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Not-So-Clear & Present Danger

Let’s take a trip back in time. It’s Christmas Eve in 1955. Your house is decorated and merry, including sparkly, heat-resistant fake snow; presents of Amscan Crayons and an Inside Intelligence Secret Spy Kit are wrapped and under the tree. This morning, you brushed your teeth with Bristol-Myers’ Ipana toothpaste, admiring your pearly whites in the mirror thanks to the paste’s abrasive properties. Just like your mother did, you toss a little Johnson & Johnson baby powder on your skin to stay dry and fresh and dry and curl your hair with the latest

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Lethal Dose

The other day I took a call from a customer who really needed my help; her son had been killed due to an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl. The young man’s family had stopped by to do a “wellness check” and found his body; his time of death was estimated to be one week prior to discovery. It is much too easy to think that this guy was just another junkie, a liability to his family, a menace to his neighborhood, and a drain on society however, he was a bright, young college

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An Introduction to Sealers Across Restoration

“Sealers” represents a set of tools for the restoration professional.  There is no sealer that does all the restorer needs.  These are paint-like coatings that are formulated explicitly for one or more functions in the restoration process.  Most often, sealers are useful when there is something that needs to be contained with a durable or impervious barrier between that contained substance, and the well-being of the occupant.  There are multiple roles in which sealers are employed.  Restoration contractors commonly use sealers as part of work involving structural fire/smoke and wildfire.  There are also uses

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