Fire Damage Restoration

As you explore this topic, you will find articles on fire damage restoration, smoke odor removal, structural restoration, and anything else related to some of the trickiest jobs restorers tackle.

Case study Old Georgetown

Case Study: Restoring the Historical Old Georgetown City Hall

Share a little bit about your company – its background, location, etc. Charter Construction, based in Seattle, has been building, renovating, remodeling, and providing disaster response in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years. Their service offerings include remediation, disaster solutions, commercial, custom homes, and senior living. Charter Construction has been a part of the Georgetown neighborhood for nearly 20 years. Charter Construction recently partnered with NeighborCare Health to restore the Old Georgetown City Hall building, a historic landmark that has served the community for 114 years. When did you first get the call

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The IICRC Fire Damage Standards – Why You Should Prepare Now

Now is Time to Get Ready A professional remediation standard for fire damage will be published. You can count on it.  Never more sure about it, I wrote these words myself and published them in an article1: “Some fire professionals have been hearing about the first-ever internationally accredited fire restoration standard for a long time…Right now, work is underway…this much is certain: the standard for fire damage restoration is coming, and it is going to be impactful and important. But the process takes time….work started in very early 2014.” All that is true. Impactful,

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New Technology, Tools, and Techniques for Fire Restoration and Clean-Up

Experienced cleaning and restoration professionals understand that the process of rehabilitating a property in the aftermath of a fire is an inherently challenging task, often considered one of the most difficult. Beyond addressing the structural damage and consequent rebuilding that needs to take place, professionals must also contend with scorch marks, lingering smokey odors, and other related issues. Indeed, the evidence of a fire can linger long after the flames have been extinguished and the property rebuilt. Stubborn stains and odors can often persist, making the property unsightly, unpleasant, and sometimes even unlivable.  Fortunately,

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Case Study: Restoring Art & Collectibles

Share a little bit about your company – its background, location, etc. We are an art restoration company in Holbrook, NY who services “Brooklyn to Montauk” – the physical “Long Island”.  We have been in business for six and a half years and have a team of nine people. When did you first get the call about the loss? How did you land this job? Did you have a prior relationship, referral, online search, etc? Paul Davis of Long Island called us in on the loss, while we did not have a prior relationship

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Case Study: Restoring a High-end Restaurant

1. Share a little bit about your company. Zolman Restoration was established in 2013 by Todd Sachse. As a sister company to Sachse Construction, a renowned national commercial general contractor, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With two convenient locations in Walled Lake and Sterling Heights, Mich., we are well-positioned to serve the southeast Michigan region. However, we are always ready to expand our reach across the nation to meet the needs of our valued clients. 2. When did you first get the call about the loss? How did

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A Restorer’s Perspective on Technology Advancements

Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Rochester, New York, has grown 10 times over the past eight years, largely driven by our embrace of the many technological advancements that have been made available to this industry during that timeframe. Being open to new technology and its benefits has played a major role in our 30% growth each year since acquiring the franchise location.  Over the last 10 years, technology use in the restoration industry has rapidly gone from a convenience to necessity. The best way for me to portray the importance of technology would be

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Four Strategies for Navigating Claims and Coverage in Fire Renovation

The aftermath of a property fire is challenging work for everyone involved. Cleaning and restoration professionals must employ a range of techniques to return the structure to its original state, from extensive construction to remediation of smoke damage and more. What’s often overlooked, however, is that navigating claims and coverage after a fire can be just as complex as the more tangible impacts.  Intricate policies, documentation requirements, and long waiting periods can hold up essential cleaning and restoration work, making the fire’s physical impact linger longer than it should. Fortunately, there are several strategies

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Protecting Your Right to Payment: What Contractors Must Know in the Wake of Hurricane Hilary

Getting Paid for Work on Hurricane Hilary from Edward Cross on Vimeo. As a disaster recovery contractor, you play a vital role in helping communities rebuild after a devastating natural event like Hurricane Hilary. Your dedication to repairing and restoring homes and businesses is commendable. However, rushing out to address the damage can lead to some legal and financial pitfalls if you don’t carefully navigate California’s labyrinth of consumer protection regulations. It is essential understand and comply with the statutory requirements to ensure you are paid for your services. Here are some crucial points

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An Introduction to Sealers Across Restoration

“Sealers” represents a set of tools for the restoration professional.  There is no sealer that does all the restorer needs.  These are paint-like coatings that are formulated explicitly for one or more functions in the restoration process.  Most often, sealers are useful when there is something that needs to be contained with a durable or impervious barrier between that contained substance, and the well-being of the occupant.  There are multiple roles in which sealers are employed.  Restoration contractors commonly use sealers as part of work involving structural fire/smoke and wildfire.  There are also uses

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Improve Your Bottom Line and Reduce Textile Waste

Textile waste is a major issue that grows in magnitude every year. In the United States alone, billions of pounds of textiles end up in landfills when much of that waste could be reused or recovered.  Over the past 20 years, America’s volume of clothing waste has doubled. Each year, the average American is personally responsible for 80 pounds of textile waste. Many textiles that go to landfills leak dangerous chemicals into the ground and release greenhouse gases into the air. And, since it takes about 200 years for the average garment to decompose,

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