Mold Remediation

A key service offered by restoration and remediation companies, this page holds resources on proper mold remediation and removal techniques, tools, products, industry best practices, and caring for customers affected by mold.

Competitive Advantage: How Your Equipment Can Make You Stand Out

As cleaning professionals, we know that key technological advancements have changed the face of cleaning and restoration, increasing both efficiency and sustainability across the industry. Traditionally, restoration services have required massive amounts of water and potent chemicals to restore various surfaces, from tile and stone to smoke-damaged fabric and carpet. However, advancements in the design and production of pressure washing and steam cleaning equipment have increased temperature and pressure levels that provide higher quality results and require less effort.  Types Of Equipment To Have In Your Kit Pressure Washer Commercial and industrial-grade pressure washers

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A Few Tips to Make the Most out of Your Moisture Meter

Moisture Meters have long been essential in the wide array of tools required by water damage restoration techs, mold remediation and IAQ specialists, and any building inspector. Moisture is the single most important factor affecting the building integrity and a primary element needed for mold, mildew, and bacteria to thrive.   Industry professionals know that without a quality moisture meter, it is virtually impossible to properly survey the extent of the water intrusion, monitor the drying out of a structure and detect hidden moisture that can ultimately cause structural and health-related problems.  Industry standards

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6 Things to Consider Before Starting a Water Restoration Business

Starting a water restoration company can be a profitable business, but it’s important to do your research so your business can be successful. New water restoration business owners should create a comprehensive business plan that includes every aspect of their business. This includes everything from how much it will cost to get started, paying for day-to-day expenses, and how you plan to market your business. It’s important for new business owners to be realistic about their goals and have a solid understanding of the competition. With a thorough business plan in place, business owners

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Safety First, or Safety Last

Implementing Job Site Analyses into Every Project. There is no question we work in an industry where hazards on the job site are common­place. We as restoration professionals should keep safety on the top of minds; if it is not, the rami­fications can be costly. Communication and training of job site hazards must be ongoing and should be incorporated into your culture. At the beginning of each project, we perform a Job Site Analysis (JSA); if the project changes, the Job Site Analysis (JSA) is revised. A JSA is a systematic procedure that breaks

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Limiting Demo During Water Damage Restoration

During a residential Category 1 water intru­sion, water flows under cabinets and wicks into the wall assembly behind them. In a commercial Category 1 water intrusion, water flows across the floor into a metal framed, insulat­ed wall assembly covered with gypsum board and ceramic tile. In both projects the restorer is faced with a cross­road: dry in place or demo to open these assemblies. Traditionally, in the residential example we would see the restorer remove the cabinets, cut open the wall, and dry the assembly behind. In the commer­cial example, we would see most

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A Mould Problem: Cleaning 650,000 Damaged Books

Publisher’s Note: We are thrilled to bring a case study from Down Under into this issue of C&R! We are pre­serving their terminology – like mould vs. mold – and hope you enjoy their incredible story! When AllAces Cleaning and Restoration was faced with the challenge of a lifetime, their team banded together – and got in­novative. In 13 weeks, they cleaned 650,000 mouldy books; that’s one every three seconds. Scope of Work This story started with a simple email. A project manager reached out to AllAces Cleaning and Resto­ration because a university in

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Best Practices for Remediation in Controlled Environments

Remediation work within controlled environ­ments requires careful planning and consid­eration between a variety of service providers, processes, and products. Key considerations are: Safety Efficacy Synergy Chemical Burden Cost Time Working to diligently address concerns and par­ticipate in the formulation of an effective plan at the outset will avoid problems during and after remedia­tion activities are completed. We can define a controlled environment as any indoor space that has a heightened requirement for sanitization or overall cleanliness due to use or oc­cupants. Examples would include hospitals, nursing facilities, or laboratory environments. Facilities that house or

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A Journey of Innovations In Restoration Technology

You know the old saying, “an education is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” And extrapolating that to “wisdom is what you end up with when you have learned your lesson more times than you care to admit.” Therefore, I am not sure if I bring you this from the high and mighty position of having been in this industry for 30 years, or from the lowly position of having learned the hard way more times than I care to admit. But I do feel that the best way to

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Is Pizza the New Sandwich for Mold Remediation?

For many of us who were involved in the early development of mold remediation as a sepa­rate subsection of restoration, it is sometimes difficult to realize that 20+ years of development means that the industry is not “new” anymore. Along with the recognition that mold remediation is a respected part of the cleaning and restoration world, comes the tendency to be complacent about the status and the standards that surround legiti­mate mold remediation efforts. However, such complacency would be a mistake. With an expected release date of early 2022, the heated discussions about every

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RIA Insider: Essential Lessons In Mold Remediation

Help your clients resolve their mold issues once and for all. To restore a space that has been affected by water loss and mold, either as an inspector or a remediation contractor, you need to un­dertake many detailed steps and essential processes. However, taking those steps may require thinking outside the box to help you reach the best solution. For more than 30 years, Michael Pinto, CSP, SMS, CMP, CFO, FLS, CEO of Wonder Makers Environ­mental in Kalamazoo, Mich., has been working to help people resolve indoor environmental issues. In that time, he has

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