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New Technology, Tools, and Techniques for Fire Restoration and Clean-Up

Experienced cleaning and restoration professionals understand that the process of rehabilitating a property in the aftermath of a fire is an inherently challenging task, often considered one of the most difficult. Beyond addressing the structural damage and consequent rebuilding that needs to take place, professionals must also contend with scorch marks, lingering smokey odors, and other related issues. Indeed, the evidence of a fire can linger long after the flames have been extinguished and the property rebuilt. Stubborn stains and odors can often persist, making the property unsightly, unpleasant, and sometimes even unlivable.  Fortunately,

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Five Things Every Restorer Should Know About Data

Data is one of the most powerful tools in a restorer’s (metaphoric) toolbox. “This is true, unless your data is inconsistent, inaccurate, and the data collection practices you’ve allowed take root in your team are spotty at best,” states Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, in his recent article. Especially, as AI (artificial intelligence) becomes more accessible and relevant in our daily lives, restorers should be paying attention to their data. Read through the topics below to learn five things all restorers should understand about data, for the sake of their business. Types of data

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Water Restoration for Restorers in a Hurry: Part 1

Lea el artículo en Español Part 1 of 8 Understanding the importance of following proper procedures is essential to avoid costly mistakes and save both time and money. Imagine disregarding the Standard of Care and proceeding without caution. You rush to place air movers, dehumidifiers, and perhaps even an injector dryer to speed up the drying process for walls and ceilings, as you’ll soon read in the example. Skipping steps not only jeopardizes the well-being of your team or occupants but can also expose you to potential legal repercussions. Remember, as an expert in

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Embracing Sustainable Luxury: Four Ways High-End Restoration is Going Green

Luxury and sustainability are two words that you don’t often see together. Luxury can imply excess, and sustainability can imply restraint.  But those implications aren’t always accurate especially when it comes to high-end restoration. New technologies and techniques in the industry are emerging and evolving every day. As a result, it’s possible for cleaning and restoration professionals and their clients to restore elegant properties to their original splendor, all without consuming excessive energy or resources. Here are four ways that high-end restoration is going green.  Retaining a building’s original features. Older buildings in need

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A Restorer’s Perspective on Technology Advancements

Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Rochester, New York, has grown 10 times over the past eight years, largely driven by our embrace of the many technological advancements that have been made available to this industry during that timeframe. Being open to new technology and its benefits has played a major role in our 30% growth each year since acquiring the franchise location.  Over the last 10 years, technology use in the restoration industry has rapidly gone from a convenience to necessity. The best way for me to portray the importance of technology would be

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Depressed About Grain Depression?

Don’t get depressed about grain depression! In this episode of When It Comes Down To It, Chuck Boutall from Restoration Technical Institute shares all about grain depression, defining grains, how to measure it, and troubleshooting when you’re not hitting your goals!

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Carpet Cleaning for Restorers

Full disclosure, I am a carpet cleaner at heart. I know this magazine is heavily focused on restoration and that is great; I love the restoration industry. However, right in the title of this fine periodical is the word “cleaning”. Many of us got our start in the restoration world by being carpet cleaners. I still feel that cleaning is a great way to grow a restoration-focused business, and you can make great money along the way. I am going to reacquaint all of my fellow restorers to the virtues of using carpet cleaning

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Do’s and Don’ts of Extension Cords

Don’t get tripped up on extension cords! In this episode of When It Comes Down To It, Chuck Boutall from the Restoration Technical Institute shares best practices for keeping those pesky cords contained and under control on job sites!

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A New Generation of UV-C Disinfection & Odor Removal

UV-C light is a common disinfection tool in many industries, but a topic not often discussed in restoration, until now. Several industry veterans have been hard at work behind the scenes building an all-new generation of UV-C disinfection and odor removal equipment. Tom McArdle, executive vice president of Airbotx, joins Restoration Today to discuss UV-C technology and answer questions like: What is it? How can these machines be used in the cleaning and restoration industry? Where are these machines made? What makes Airbotx equipment different from other machines on the market? Do machines like

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Cashing in on Casinos: Commercial HVAC Cleaning (with VIDEO!)

Publisher’s Note: We LOVE sharing interesting case studies in C&R! In this article, David Hart shares his knowledge from years of experience in HVAC and duct cleaning, and as an inventor and innovator in the cleaning and restoration industry. We are sharing this story with you in multiple formats! You can read the case study below, and also dive deeper in the how-tos of the work itself, plus selling and marketing these services, in the podcast! Enjoy! After 30 years in the industry, 25 years of business ownership and 15 years of equipment engineering

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