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I Haven’t Found a Handbook Yet that Prepared Me for Business Ownership

It’s been a few, well, decades since my college years, but as I look back, I don’t ever recall anyone offering a class on what it means to be a business owner. Sure, I took all of the business finance classes, a marketing course or two, and many business classes with textbook answers. Most of those courses taught me how to work in someone else’s business. The path less traveled to business ownership is filled with highs and lows. It’s a space where what you do every day affects the livelihoods of others and

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Embracing Commander’s Intent: Building Leaders Through Organizational Integrity

Hey there! Let’s settle in with our virtual coffees and chat about something that’s vital if we’re looking to scale our restoration businesses: the notion of ‘commander’s intent.’ Understanding the commander’s intent means understanding the why of what we do. In an ideal world it means team members have the ability to lead and effectively make decisions at all levels of the organization because they have a clear understanding of what the underlying values are that drive our organization’s decision making. This enables staff members to make decisions when process or procedure doesn’t clearly

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Spring Home Maintenance Tips – Preparing Your Property for the Upcoming Season

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home, but you can minimize damage with a little spring home maintenance. Before your spring-cleaning project, use our property owners’ maintenance tips to put your property in top condition. Proactive maintenance can help prevent costly repairs by catching minor problems early and repairing them before they become big problems. Some maintenance tasks are easy for the average homeowner, while others require a professional — like an arborist or an HVAC technician. Let’s explore the checklist of essential spring maintenance tasks to prepare your home for spring and

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How Restorers Can Get Paid

Ever find other restoration contractors get paid faster than you do? There’s a really common reason why. Listen in as restoration expert Kris Rzesnoski explains what they’re doing differently.

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Collaboration in Claims Management: Enhancing Relationships with Contractors

Sponsored content provided by Accuserve. Traditionally, people have viewed the relationship between contractors and insurance companies as adversarial. In today’s Accuserve blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of fostering strong collaborations between insurance professionals and contractors to streamline the claims process and improve outcomes for policyholders. By working together, insurance companies and contractors can provide better services for policyholders that result in safer housing. A Safe Environment for Collaboration First, both parties need a safe environment for collaboration that provides a neutral ground and streamlines communication between all parties. Accuserve offers this through its

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Making Your 2024 List Smaller

We’re nearly three months into our 2024 goals, and if you’re like most restoration business owners– and honestly like most of us on this planet – you haven’t checked off as many goals as you’d like. The truth is, that’s normal. Goals for the new year tend to be big, and that doesn’t always give us a lot of positive momentum toward knocking down what we set out to achieve. Going into Q2, let’s try a reset. Add smaller goals or break down larger ones into smaller steps.Think 30-day and 60-day goals, things you

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Striking the Balance: The Art of Being Fair Yet Firm in Upholding Company Standards

In the dynamic landscape of our restoration businesses, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between being fair and firm in holding company standards is paramount. The essence of effective leadership lies in fostering a culture of accountability while ensuring that team members are treated with equity and respect. While it is imperative to drive self-accountability within the organization, there are times when direct and decisive action is warranted to address shortcomings in performance or behavior. Holding firm to company standards is a non-negotiable aspect of organizational success. These standards serve as the bedrock upon which the

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The Culture Guide

In the Onboarding section of the Employee Experience series, we briefly covered the value and purpose of a culture guide. A culture guide prepares a new team member to seamlessly integrate into your culture by clearly communicating what will be expected of them instead of leaving them to figure it out on their own.  A culture guide is not the same as a handbook. You can think of the handbook as a document for the employee, and the culture guide as a document for your team member. The handbook is the appropriate place to

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Trust in the Workplace: It’s More Than Just Experience, It’s About Keeping Promises

Hey there! Let’s settle into our favorite coffee shop corner and dive into a topic that’s been swirling around in my head. If we don’t have trust from another person in a relationship, it’s almost certain we have no influence, and we can all agree you can’t lead effectively without influence. Today, we’re talking about trust in the workplace and how this old concept is taking on new meanings in our fast-paced, information-rich world. The Information Age and Trust Rewind to 40 years ago, pre-internet. Picture a lawyer with exclusive access to legal texts

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