Let It Rip

You Want More Control of Your Life? Let Go!

I am sure most business owners have been through some pretty scary times at one point or another. There always seems to be some peril lurking around the corner, like losing a key employee, two bad quarters in a row, someone getting badly hurt on the job, or a cash crunch just to name a few. I can remember a certain situation like it was yesterday. It was a late October Saturday night and my wife just went to bed. I was alone by the fire pit trying to watch Penn State play Michigan

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Patience vs. Tolerance

Knowing the difference could lower your blood pressure and change the way the game is played.  As noted in my previous article, one of the obstacles I had to overcome as a leader is distinguishing the difference between patience and tolerance. Once I understood the difference, it relieved a lot of internal issues I had been struggling with in getting our team members to align themselves with our company goals and processes and improve performances. Have you ever finished a conversation with one of your team members that left you almost speechless and shaking

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Family vs. Team in Business

If you want to go out of business, run your company like it’s family! Ok, hold on. Before you hit the “X” button on this page, read a little further. I know a lot about this topic and almost went bankrupt because I was led to believe that the best companies are often described as like a “family.” Let me ask you: How many people do you know that have drama-free families? With no drugs or alcohol issues? Bankruptcy issues? Divorce? Depression?. If we are honest with ourselves, every family deals with drama at

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Culture: It’s Not a Piece of the Puzzle… It’s the Entire Puzzle.

A few years ago, I changed my title from CEO to Chief Cultural Officer. And the question I often get is: “What is a Chief Culture Officer”? I will get to that in a bit. First, I think it would help to explain the journey that led to the title change. I am sure most, if not all, of you reading this will be able to relate. I started my company 15 years ago and was mainly focused on sales, production and finance. Like any company just starting out, I had to find people

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