The Restorers Playbook

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Packed with practical advice for restorers to crush their KPIs. 14 leaders share strategies to help restorers strengthen their documentation, vet technology, attract & retain employees, and increase profit margins. When you download this package you get:
  • Interactive checklists – what makes a great field report, basic legal documents restorers should have & more!
  • Guides to vet software solutions – signs you’re on a legacy system, what red flags to look for when buying.
  • A Profitability Master Class – a free video Master Class and profitability calculator from a Certified Restorer.
  • A step-by-step guide to plan jobs – how to measure efficiency from a 20+ year operations manager.

Emergency Preparedness Kit: Helping Restorers Handle CATS Like A Pro

Disasters happen… Are you ready for your next CAT job? This package contains 5 templates designed to help restorers prepare for the next emergency, in advance. Inside,  you’ll find: A Standard Toolbox Checklist – every tool you could ever need, so you don’t forget anything. A Contingency Plan – so you’re ready to go, and your team is on the same page, even before disaster strikes. A Process Worksheet – the necessary steps you should take before, during, & after a large loss, all laid out. A People Worksheet – so you can clearly define the

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There’s a Lot of Technology in Restoration. What Does a Restorer Need to Consider to be Successful?

“Focus on what is in your control in your organization. Having an awareness and preparing for changes and pressure from outside your organization is healthy, but balance it with a keen focus on the innovation, culture, processes, and efficiency in your own operations.” – Lisa Lavender, COO, Restoration Technical Institute, VP Operations Design, iRestore “Innovation should be driven by the frontline people that are actually using these tools. In order for us to better innovate on the restore-tech side, we need feedback and open discussions with restorers.” – Ryan Pritchard, Sales Manager, Canam Systems,

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Let’s Talk Training: What is Your Best Advice for Restorers?

“Become the technical expert, understand why you’re supposed to do something, and how that impacts the job. By making educated choices backed by science, you’ll be doing the right thing and increasing your profits.” – Ken Larsen, CR, WLS, FLS, CLS, CMP, CSDS, Senior Consultant to the IDSO family of companies “If restoration is not your ultimate career choice, treat it as if it is, but find what it is that you want to do. You’re dealing with the health of people in their homes. If you are simply tired, unmotivated, or burnt-out, go back to

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What is your advice for the restorer to be successful?

“If you like somebody, get them an offer letter that day. Speed works well. Even if we can’t fully vet them, we put an offer letter out, pending compliance checks.” – Jackie Carpenter, CEO, Ideal Inc. – “When you’re in a tight labor market, the people you want are not answering ads, they’re busy working. You’re gonna have to find them, you’re gonna have to be creative. It has to be a function of your business. Start handing out business cards to anybody you come across that’s hustling at their job. It’s a free

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