How Restorers Can Avoid Scope Creep

One of the biggest challenges for restorers is dealing with scope creep. In this quick tip, sponsored by Encircle, learn how to combat it, and provide excellent customer service WHILE increasing your profits.

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An Important Business Practice for 2024

Too often as business owners, problems tend to bubble up to grab our attention more than the positives of our day-to-day business operations. Looking ahead to what can be requires focusing on the things that make us better instead of getting stuck in what’s not working. Every restoration business has something special, a differentiator. Maybe it’s your innovative approach or exceptional customer service. Identify and cherish these unique traits. They set you apart in the market and are a foundation of your business’s identity and success. Our employees are one of our greatest assets.

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How to Succeed in Vendor Programs

Sponsored content provided by Accuserve. Many restoration contractors in today’s industry struggle with the decision on whether to participate in vendor programs or not and there are many pros and cons depending on which program you go with.  They may mandate use of specific apps depending on what insurance carriers they handle and there will be a cost to receive claim referral opportunities, but that can be offset by not having to market for new work.  The ones that measure capability through your knowledge, experience, and equipment, as well as your ongoing performance measuring

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How to Measure and Mark Moisture Points

In this short quick tip video sponsored by Encircle, Certified Restorer Kris Rzesnoski talks about the importance of moisture points, and walks you through how to measure and mark them out. If you’re looking for more quick tips you can check out the full playlist here.  

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Navigating the Rising Tide: The Growing Importance of Water Mitigation in a Changing Climate

In the face of a rapidly changing climate, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe. Among the many consequences of climate change, flooding, hurricanes, and other water-related incidents are on the rise, underscoring the critical importance of effective water mitigation strategies.  In this blog, we will delve into three key aspects of this pressing issue: the impact of climate change on extreme weather events, technological innovations in water mitigation, and the evolving regulatory landscape that water mitigation contractors must navigate. 1. Climate Change Impact on Extreme Weather Events The fingerprints of climate

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How Would Outsourcing Affect My Long-term Value?

Q: I’m considering outsourcing a couple services, how would this affect my long-term value?   JT says: First, business value is driven primarily by your Adjusted EBITDA (total financial benefit).  Thus, if outsourcing delivers the following, value increases:   Greater Efficiencies Lower Costs Same or Better Quality Second, this demanding industry often necessitates owners wearing many hats- all at once.  However, just because an owner can do something, doesn’t mean they should.  Outsourcing possibilities include- Estimating, Recruiting, HR, Answering Service, Accounts Receivable, Online Marketing and Social Media.  Many vendors can prove higher quality at

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Making Change Happen

Too often we get frustrated at the pace of change. We want to improve project efficiency or the quoting process or employee training or customer satisfaction. We start. Then, not enough feels like it’s changing to get noticed. And the next emergency pops up, and your effort to bring change to your business fades into that fatal category of important but not urgent. We don’t have any secrets to success, but we can offer two simple suggestions. And a reminder. First – Keep. Chipping. Away. Most real change inside small businesses doesn’t happen in

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How Managed Repair Providers Offer Scalability for Contractors

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, contractors often find themselves facing the challenge of adapting to changing needs while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One solution that has gained prominence in recent years is the utilization of Third-Party Administrators (MRPs). These invaluable partners offer a range of benefits, including scalability, which allows contractors to seamlessly expand their operations without the hassle of hiring and training additional staff. In this blog post, we will explore how MRPs play a crucial role in providing scalability to contractors. Relationship-Based Scalability One key aspect of MRPs that sets them

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Is the Market Still Strong Despite the Interest Rates & Tentative Economy?

Q: Interest rates are up, we’re in a tentative economy, and heading into an election year- is the market still strong?  JT says: Since 2007 I’ve specialized nationally in restoration companies.  Over these 16 years there’s been a recession, 4 elections and a pandemic.  The industry has remained strong through it all.    Currently however, elevated interest rates have taken a real toll on businesses below the SBA threshold of $5M in Value.  (Many buyers simply aren’t willing to pay variable rates currently reaching 10.5%.)   Businesses from $6M – $100M in value, ideal

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