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Just like a car mechanic does frequent check-ups on our cars to keep them driving effectively down the road, businesses also need checkpoints and check-ups to ensure their health and efficacy. CheckPoint, brought to you by Restoration CrossCheck, brings advice and expertise from some of restoration leading experts on every topic related to running, managing, and growing a stellar cleaning and restoration company.

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How to Get What’s Fair From an Adjuster

Your estimators need to become experts on the estimating platforms you are using.  Where does that price come from? Is it the right price for this job? What is and is not included in that line item? What technology will allow your estimator to create a scope more accurately – and not worry so much about the sketch? Those technologies are out there – and they are not as expensive as you might think – especially when you consider what you may be leaving on the table.  Your estimators need to take the time

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Restoration Inflation

There is no question that inflation is taking a bigger and bigger bite out of everyone’s budget.  I’m old enough to remember joining the workforce during the hyperinflation of the 1970’s.  I remember shopping for my first house when mortgage rates were 13% (and I felt fortunate to get one at 9.5%!).  But my children grew up, went to college and started their careers during a time of little or no inflation.  Sure, the price of gas had its ups and downs, but overall the costs for most goods and services varied very little

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