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Striking the Balance: The Art of Being Fair Yet Firm in Upholding Company Standards

In the dynamic landscape of our restoration businesses, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between being fair and firm in holding company standards is paramount. The essence of effective leadership lies in fostering a culture of accountability while ensuring that team members are treated with equity and respect. While it is imperative to drive self-accountability within the organization, there are times when direct and decisive action is warranted to address shortcomings in performance or behavior. Holding firm to company standards is a non-negotiable aspect of organizational success. These standards serve as the bedrock upon which the

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Why Restoration Sales Reps Fail – And What To Do About It

If you’ve owned or led a restoration company that employs sales reps, there’s a very good chance you’ll relate to the following questions: “My sales rep did $2.5M at their previous company, but it’s been 5 months and they’ve only brought in a couple of $15k jobs so far. How is that possible?” “My best sales rep is only at $250k in revenue for the year and they brought in $3M the previous year. What gives?” “I hired this gal, and she was the top sales rep for a commercial roofing company 3 years

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Don’t Touch the Oscar: Going Beyond Technical Training for Technicians

In  the restoration industry, we work in people’s homes and offices. Our companies are in the most intimate and private portions of people’s lives during a time when stress is very high.  What could possibly go wrong?  To add to this equation, who are we sending out to spend the most time on the jobsite? Field technicians.  Most restorers struggle with attracting and retaining technicians. The job is hard and often thankless, and it is left to those who have minimal job skills, often come from tough backgrounds, and may be lacking in areas

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Job Titles Don’t Make Leaders: The True Essence of Leadership

In the bustling realm of any industry, including the restoration where I spend my days, there’s a lingering misconception that leadership is synonymous with having a prestigious job title. You see it all the time, those impressive-sounding titles at the top of business cards and email signatures that command respect and authority. However, as I’ve come to learn through years of navigating the ups and downs, true leadership transcends the confines of a title.  The Myth of the Title It’s easy to assume that once someone has climbed their way to a position like

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Embracing Commander’s Intent: Building Leaders Through Organizational Integrity

Hey there! Let’s settle in with our virtual coffees and chat about something that’s vital if we’re looking to scale our restoration businesses: the notion of ‘commander’s intent.’ Understanding the commander’s intent means understanding the why of what we do. In an ideal world it means team members have the ability to lead and effectively make decisions at all levels of the organization because they have a clear understanding of what the underlying values are that drive our organization’s decision making. This enables staff members to make decisions when process or procedure doesn’t clearly

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Trust in the Workplace: It’s More Than Just Experience, It’s About Keeping Promises

Hey there! Let’s settle into our favorite coffee shop corner and dive into a topic that’s been swirling around in my head. If we don’t have trust from another person in a relationship, it’s almost certain we have no influence, and we can all agree you can’t lead effectively without influence. Today, we’re talking about trust in the workplace and how this old concept is taking on new meanings in our fast-paced, information-rich world. The Information Age and Trust Rewind to 40 years ago, pre-internet. Picture a lawyer with exclusive access to legal texts

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Cultivating a Learning Culture at Work: Because Growth Never Takes a Day Off

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment, the concept of a learning culture has transcended mere buzzword status to become a strategic necessity for companies striving to stay ahead in the competitive game. Developing a learning culture is not just about occasional training sessions; it’s a holistic approach that fosters personal and professional growth, creating an environment where curiosity is celebrated, collaboration is encouraged, and learning becomes an integral part of everyday life. So, how can organizations contribute to developing a robust learning culture at work? Let’s explore this in greater detail. Embrace Curiosity:

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How is Your Executive Function?

I have the honor of leading a weekly mastermind group of home service business owners. Our group has met every Tuesday for several years and we have a solid roster of business owners who run successful service businesses. Recently, the topic for our weekly conversation was “executive function” and how a lack of skill in this area can negatively affect a business. As I was preparing for this meeting, I was becoming increasingly uneasy. I looked at the list of executive function traits and realized I had serious problems in many areas on my

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What Can We Learn From Musk?

I recently finished the new Elon Musk biography by Walter Isaacson.  Elon Musk has always been polarizing if you’ve followed his meteoric rise as a silicon valley entrepreneur. But in the last few years, he’s become a rockstar to some, and the village idiot to others, thanks in large part to his frequent rants and tantrums on Twitter. To date he’s posted more than 19k tweets on the platform.  In spite of his behavior on Twitter and his insane workaholic persona, if you look at the sands of time, Musk has consistently deployed a

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Looking Outward: Finding New Perspectives in Other Home Service Industries

I have been very fortunate over the last few years to meet many amazing people in the home services industry. When I started the Blue Collar Nation podcast I never dreamed I would get to meet and interview so many highly intelligent and uber-successful people. I feel it is important to always be learning, so podcasting has been a labor of love for me. I have made it a practice of mine to always be on the lookout for new ideas and best practices from people with different experiences than my own. On the

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