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Top Collections Strategies for Restorers

Getting paid at the end of a job can be one of the biggest challenges restorers face. Restorers should recognize that collecting money has very little to do with their invoicing process once work is finished. Rather, collecting starts from the moment they first make contact with a prospective client. A happy client is much more likely to pay than an unhappy client, so the steps taken early on and throughout the job are extremely important. Setting realistic expectations, communicating effectively, and thoroughly documenting the work, will have a huge impact on a restorer’s

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The Great Redefining

Over the last few months of attending conferences and conventions, there was one statement that was repeated multiple times by various people at every single conference. It was said after a speaker asked the audience what the top challenges are you are facing within your company…” besides labor and hiring issues like we are all facing.” And I started wondering why. Why are so many companies across various states and markets all struggling with labor issues? All of us have heard the phrase, “The Great Resignation” referring to over 50 million people quitting their

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Dear David: Can You Share Liability Insurance Advice for Smaller Companies?

Dear David, I am a smaller general contractor, what advice do you have for us smaller companies about liability insurance?  Dear Size Does Not Matter, Bill Wilson says it best in “When Words Collide,” 1) Read the Full Policy (RTFP). This is the advice no matter the size of the contractor. We recently had the pleasure of reviewing two smaller general contractor’s insurance programs. Each program written by a different agent. Each program is placed with a different insurance company. The surprises inside are the same things we find on the larger contractors.  General

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Allstate’s Multiple Failed Attempts to Challenge Assignment of Benefits | Prequel to the Aliso Viejo Case

A restorer with a properly-executed Assignment of Insurance Rights can enforce the policyholder’s rights to fair claims handling. Allstate pivots and back-peddles, unsuccessfully attempting to find a basis to challenge contractors’ Assignment of Insurance Rights. California contractor uses Assignment of Insurance Rights to sue the carrier directly for overhead, profit, and attorneys’ fees and recovers 10x the invoice. SANTA ANA, CA – As reported in the March/April 2023 edition of C&R, Allstate Insurance Company paid an Orange County restoration contractor $335,000 to settle a dispute that began when Allstate refused to pay $33,221.80 of

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Human Connection

A couple of weeks ago, we held our annual Guarantee Restoration Services Employee Appreciation Crawfish Boil. It is my favorite event of the year. Everyone gathers at our corporate office to devour over 500lbs of delicious, boiled crawfish. Our Annual Employee Appreciation Crawfish Boil is not complete without the ever intense, sticky, marshmallow mouth-stuffing game of Chubby Bunny. And this year, we set a record. One employee was able to fit a whooping 36 regular marshmallows in his mouth before the other competitor threw in the towel.  It was absolutely marvelous!  Now, it is

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Let Go to Grow

I have the good fortune of doing consulting work for many cleaning and restoration companies across the nation. Some are small and some are quite large, but they all seem to have one thing in common: The owners and managers have a hard time letting go of their control to the detriment of the company. I see so many businesses being stifled by the inability of leadership to let go. This creates bottlenecks in production flow, workers who fear making mistakes, owners and managers unwilling or unable to delegate work, organizational charts that are being

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Effective Project Communication

From the perspective of the project manager, effective communication is not just a beneficial component but an essential cornerstone of successful project management. As the project manager, you hold a crucial role in ensuring that all team members and stakeholders are aligned, working towards a common goal, and equipped with the necessary information to effectively execute their responsibilities. For instance, imagine a construction project where the project manager diligently educates the team about the project’s contract, pricing schedule, terms and conditions, objectives, expectations, and budget. This comprehensive understanding allows the team to make informed

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Job Hazard Analysis- Protecting Our People & Managing Risk

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a critical component of any restoration business’s safety program. A JHA is a process that involves identifying potential hazards associated with a particular job or task, assessing the risks associated with those hazards, and implementing measures to control or eliminate those hazards.  In the restoration industry, there are several hazards that technicians may encounter throughout their daily duties. These hazards can pose a significant risk to their health and safety if they are not properly identified, planned for, and addressed. Here are some of the most common hazards

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Dear David: Does an Engineer Need to Consider All the Evidence Available?

Dear David, Does an engineer need to consider all the evidence available? Whether it’s storm damage, water damage, or even fires we are seeing more engineers being engaged by insurance companies.  Often these visits are brief, and they result in the policyholder receiving a denial letter.  Dear Engineered Denial, According to my favorite search engine, Professional Engineers are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. That being true, licensing brings with it regulations and a standard of professional conduct. Wisconsin’s Administrative Code Chapter A-E 8 spells out Professional Conduct for Architects,

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Ignoring Social Media’s Success Trap the Old Fashioned Way

We all see on the internet and social media the hype and buzz around work ethic and success. Be a savage. Work 25 hours a day, 8 days week, 53 weeks a year. Mamba mentality. You need to start everyday eating raw meat and taking an ice plunge if you want to be a true success. Blah, blah, blah. I think you get where I am going with this. I understand that these posts and videos are meant to inspire, motivate, and obviously get the person posting a lot of likes and subscribers. I

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