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Marcie Richardson brings more than 20 years of HR experience to her Team Talk column. She will be covering topics like COVID, hiring, firing, culture, benefits, and everything in-between.

The Team Talk column will be featured the fourth Tuesday of every month in the Restoration Today eNewsletter.

Cultivating a Learning Culture at Work: Because Growth Never Takes a Day Off

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment, the concept of a learning culture has transcended mere buzzword status to become a strategic necessity for companies striving to stay ahead in the competitive game. Developing a learning culture is not just about occasional training sessions; it’s a holistic approach that fosters personal and professional growth, creating an environment where curiosity is celebrated, collaboration is encouraged, and learning becomes an integral part of everyday life. So, how can organizations contribute to developing a robust learning culture at work? Let’s explore this in greater detail. Embrace Curiosity:

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Navigating Tomorrow: A Deep Dive into the Future of Human Resources in 2024

As we stand on the precipice of 2024, the world of Human Resources is undergoing a profound transformation, fueled by cutting-edge technology, a workforce that demands flexibility, and an unwavering commitment to employee well-being. This journey into the future is not just a continuation of the traditional HR role but a reimagining of its purpose, aligning it more closely with the dynamic needs of an ever-evolving global workforce.  Pioneering Technological Integration  The integration of advanced technologies is revolutionizing HR operations in 2024. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation have become instrumental in streamlining the recruitment

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HR – Get Out of the Transactional Box

Speaking to all my fellow HR professionals and anyone who carries out HR duties. Over the years, Human Resources has gone through a roller coaster of duties and functions. From the humble Personnel Department to Human Resources to People Operations, the HR function of a company has gone through a few different names, looks, and personalities. But the fundamental duties of HR never changed, all transactional with little true relational value. Why do you think everyone dreads HR? It is the responsibility of HR to do the hard transactional work, to be the “bad

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The Role of AI in HR: Shaping a Modern Workforce

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the workforce has transformed the way we work, communicate, and even make decisions. Among the sectors reaping the benefits of AI, Human Resources (HR) stands out as a prime example of how this technology is revolutionizing traditional practices and ushering in a new era of efficiency, personalization, and data-driven decision-making. Historically, HR departments have been responsible for managing an array of personnel-related tasks, such as recruitment, employee engagement, payroll, and performance evaluations. These responsibilities, while crucial, have often consumed

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The Great Redefining

Over the last few months of attending conferences and conventions, there was one statement that was repeated multiple times by various people at every single conference. It was said after a speaker asked the audience what the top challenges are you are facing within your company…” besides labor and hiring issues like we are all facing.” And I started wondering why. Why are so many companies across various states and markets all struggling with labor issues? All of us have heard the phrase, “The Great Resignation” referring to over 50 million people quitting their

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Human Connection

A couple of weeks ago, we held our annual Guarantee Restoration Services Employee Appreciation Crawfish Boil. It is my favorite event of the year. Everyone gathers at our corporate office to devour over 500lbs of delicious, boiled crawfish. Our Annual Employee Appreciation Crawfish Boil is not complete without the ever intense, sticky, marshmallow mouth-stuffing game of Chubby Bunny. And this year, we set a record. One employee was able to fit a whooping 36 regular marshmallows in his mouth before the other competitor threw in the towel.  It was absolutely marvelous!  Now, it is

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Humanizing Work

The workplace is often viewed as a sterile, cold environment where people are expected to leave their emotions at the door and focus solely on productivity. However, this approach is outdated and counterproductive, as it fails to recognize  that human beings are emotional creatures who thrive in an environment that values empathy, compassion, and mutual respect. Therefore, it is crucial to humanize the workplace to create a positive, productive, and fulfilling work environment. In the restoration industry, connecting to humans is what we do. Bringing that compassion, we give to our customers, internally will

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Change Management Models – Which One to Choose?

It’s Friday afternoon at 4:12pm, and you are sitting at your desk putting together a contract for a new customer that is due Monday morning at 8am. You look up and realize that you need to leave by 4:30pm to pick up your two-year-old from daycare. So, you decide that you can finish up the contract over the weekend. At 4:14pm you hear that email ding. You just received an email stating that on Monday morning the IT department will be transitioning to a new software platform, and that the transition will begin Friday

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Change Fatigue

With modern technology introduced, innovative software, upgraded equipment, different work processes, economic uncertainty, company buy-outs, and many other company changes, employees are experiencing change fatigue! In a 2022 survey taken by Gartner Workforce Change, 38% of employees are willing to change work behaviors to support organizational change. Which means companies have 62% of their employees are resistant to any sort of change. A huge part of the ‘great resignation’ and employee disengagement is related to the struggle companies face with successful and effective change management.   Now, raise your hand if this is hitting home

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DE&I: What Does It Mean to Me in the Workplace?

If you have not heard the acronym DE&I, you may be living under a rock. Just kidding! But seriously, what is DE&I? Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the initiative to recognize input from a diverse group of individuals who otherwise feel silenced based on several demographics such as: age, race, gender orientation, socio-economic background, physical characteristics, religion, ethnicity, and disability.   First, let us define and breakdown the meaning and definition of each area.  Diversity creates more ideas, more collaboration, and more points of view leading to a better product. When companies open themselves to

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