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Curious what goes on in the mind of C&R Publisher Michelle Blevins? Wonder no longer.

Lessons From My Children: Bravery

If you know me today, it might be shocking to you to know that when I was young, I was not brave. In some ways, I still am not. Throw a ball at me, and I will still be terrified I’m going to fail to catch it and it’s going to hit me in the face. Same if you kick a ball at me. I really don’t care to be anywhere near a moving ball, in fact. But I digress.  Levi and Luca are fearless. And they continually surprise me by unknowingly showing me

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Life’s Unexpected Moments

“Knowledge is power, and it can help you overcome any fear of the unexpected. When you learn, you gain more awareness through the process, and you know what pitfalls to look for as you get ready to transition to the next level.” – Jay Shetty The Monday before Christmas, at the end of a particularly trying day, my husband went downstairs to close things up for the night – only to discover a pool of water on our kitchen floor, and water coming through the light fixture hanging from the kitchen ceiling.  Our new

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Lessons from My Children: What Will My Legacy Be?

There has been a reoccurring question from people lately: are you crazy?  The answer? Perhaps. But I’m OK with that.  The last few months have challenged me on my intentionality as a wife, mom, and business owner. In August, I started pursuing an Executive MBA, at the start of a new school year for my 4 and 9-year-olds, the start of a fresh travel hockey season, and the start of what we here at C&R lovingly call “fall selling season”. I had parents who instilled this “you can do anything” mentality, and some might

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Lessons from My Children: Climbing Mt. Everest

Life is full of challenges and mountains to climb, from the very day we’re born. But isn’t it amazing how we were divinely created to overcome those challenges and climb those mountains victoriously?  We all climb mountains at different rates, often with different tools best suited to us, right? I was recently listening to a podcast on climbing Mt. Everest, and the ongoing debate between whether climbers should have supplemental oxygen, or should not. Only about 5% of climbers go without – and many say if it can be done that way, it should

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Lessons from My Children: Kindness

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” – Clare Pooley, The Authenticity Project They say if you had your children in reverse order, you would’ve stopped at one, right? Well, I am not saying I would’ve stopped at one – Luca, our 4-year-old, is a bundle of wonderfulness (with a full dose of sass), but gosh did Levi have us fooled about parenthood. From day one, Levi has been calm, level-headed, and kind. On a daily basis, through his actions, he reminds and prompts me to be a better human. Levi

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Lessons from My Children: Terminology

I must admit, I was a little surprised (pleasantly so) that my last Publisher’s Note was one of the most commented-on pieces I’ve ever written. For those who missed it, I shared how my 9-year-old found his place as a hockey goalie – and the value of having people on your team in the roles where they are most passionate and gifted, too.  In preparation for this issue’s Publisher’s Note, I found myself thinking through other lessons I’ve learned from my littles. Let me introduce you to Luca. He just turned 4, and is

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The Need for All Inclusive Technology

The days of pen and paper are all but obsolete in the restoration industry. The good old days are coming to an end and the evolution of technology is in full force. The days of an adjuster and contractor meeting onsite walking a property, doing a handwritten sketch, walking the property, agreeing upon the scope of work and boom, you were good to go! If you were really lucky the adjuster would ask you to write the estimate, send a copy and he would put his stamp of approval on it, and everybody was

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Life Lessons From My Children | Volume 1

You have likely heard this from me before, but every time I go to write one of these, I experience serious writer’s block. So, I’m going to take a different approach – in hopes that you will find it both enjoyable and relatable. I’m a mom of a 3-year-old and 8-year-old, both boys. Being a mom is such a gift – and being a mom who also gets to be an entrepreneur while being totally hands-on and involved with them is not a privilege I take lightly. As I watch them interact and establish

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Facing an Acquisition? Consider These Things

In 2021 the owner of the company I was working for asked me to come into his office. He told me that he was entertaining the idea of selling the company. My mind immediately started to race.  I instantly had a million questions, “What is it like to be acquired?” “Will my position be secure with the new owners?” Will our name change?” I took a deep breath and tried to calm my mind. Over the next year I would repeat the exercise and stop to take some deep breaths. I learned that going

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GUEST BLOG: Maximizing Efficiency and Saving Money in the Restoration Industry

As a restoration company, one of the biggest pain points we all face is the need to constantly balance the demands of our clients with the limitations of our resources. Whether it’s dealing with tight timelines, unexpected expenses, or the pressure to always be on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends, it can be a challenge to stay afloat in this competitive field. One of the key ways to navigate these challenges is to focus on maximizing efficiency and controlling costs. Here are a few tips and strategies that we’ve found to

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