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How to Save Your Bacon With A Strong Release of Liability

So, whenever there’s an issue on a job, we just get a release signed and all our problems go away, right? Not so fast, guys! Releases are not magic wands and there are all sorts of ways customers can kill your releases if you’re not careful. What’s more, imprecise drafting of a release could jeopardize your whole contract and backfire on you. Emergency mitigation and remediation is relatively high risk work, and restorers have targets on their backs. We’ve defended cases brought by plaintiffs claiming that mold contamination created by the restorer destroyed items

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Why Purchasing Will Become Your Biggest Headache

The disastrous breakdown in the global supply chain goes far beyond a lack of toilet paper. Last May, my wife and I ventured out to purchase bedroom furniture. After visiting three half-empty furniture retailers who couldn’t guarantee when our order would arrive, we finally found one willing to give a date—September. Although we weren’t looking for anything unusual or custom, it would take that long to arrive at the store’s warehouse from the supplier overseas. The global supply chain that has empowered us to reap the benefits of just-in-time inventories and next-day shipping for

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Trust in Selling

Several months ago, and for the first time in my nine years of being the Director of Sales and Marketing at Violand Management, I was asked to facilitate a session at our annual Executive Summit. The topic was Why Salespeople Fail and I did my best to articulate the eight most prevailing sales mistakes along with strategies to overcome them. The mistakes included focusing too much on presentations without finding out what’s most important to a prospect, not overcoming objections early enough, and insufficient training. When determining which mistake was the biggest culprit to

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Contents Cleaning in A Post-COVID World: What Has Changed?

A popular question I am getting asked quite frequently these days: “what has changed in contents restoration with COVID in the world today?” My answer? Everything and nothing at all. Wait…WHAT? Nothing has really changed in regards to how we should be protecting ourselves when working on a fire job or how we should process a job. What has changed is our awareness of just how critical it is to process contents properly while protecting ourselves, our employees, and our clients at all times. This virus got in our face, and produced immediate consequences

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Mold Sensitivity and the Value of Health

Now, more than ever, our industry needs to focus on our clients, health, and cleaning. In the last 20 years, mold remediation has gone from the “new kid on the block” to an established subsection of the restoration industry. However, one of the things that sets mold remediation apart from responding to water losses and fires is the medical component to many mold cases. In an odd twist, as we get and keep our buildings cleaner, and spend more time inside, a larger percentage of individuals develop sensitivities to indoor contaminants such as mold.

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Are Your Profits Being Stolen?

Throughout my career as a restoration contractor, I have seen literally dozens of multimillion-dollar restoration companies come and go. Most didn’t close their doors by choice but were forced to because they could no longer afford to keep their doors open. One contributing factor that most of these companies suffered from was directly attributed to unscrupulous or dishonest employees. Every year restoration businesses lose millions of dollars to embezzlement, payroll fraud, collusion, and other forms of employee related misdealings. The financial losses these types of crimes cause can be catastrophic if they aren’t recognized

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Angels in the Architecture

Think about the energy you enjoy when the phone rings and the voice on the other end refers you to a loss that you’re needed on right away. Maybe it was a fire or maybe a pipe burst when no one was home. You yearn for those! Your adrenaline spikes and your chest puffs. The electricity of being a hero courses through your veins. Time to make it right, keep the team hustling, and earn that money! You have done this before, and you will do it again. But for the homeowner who just

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Commentary: Breathing New Life into C&R

Mark Springer President, Restoration Industry Association President, Dayspring Construction In this digital age, everything seems to be subject to constant change. Some of this change is a good thing. Gained efficiencies, greater access, faster speeds, broader perspectives are all enhancing our experiences. The impact of these changes is profound in the world of trade association oversight and their efforts to create a compelling value proposition for their constituents. This change has forced many to re-evaluate the status quo and the delivery of their core services. The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) enjoys no exception to

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Assignment of Benefits: The Key to Recovering Fair Market Value for Restoration Services

One of the things that makes the restoration industry unique is that payment for services is usually made by a third party, the insurance company, whereas payment for services provided by other industries is usually made by the recipient of the service. The restoration industry relies heavily on proceeds from property insurance policies as compensation for restoration services. Too frequently, restorers accept greatly reduced prices for their work, just to make payroll and keep the lights on. This needs to change. Restorers report to me that they often feel disempowered because they are on

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Tips for Selling and Creating Value | Part 1 (with VIDEO!)

Over the past few years, I have seen a lot of change within the restoration industry and an influx of businesses selling. Curious as to why, my perspective is that many baby boomers are at that point in their career. With TPA’s continuing to pinch folks, as well as costs going up, margins have been decreasing. I have heard from many, “It’s not as good as it used to be.” Of course, no one likes change. With interest rates being near historical lows and a ton of private equity on the sideline, no wonder

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