Chasing the Vision with Your Customer Base

This series is all about sharing valuable insights, strategies, and hard-learned lessons accumulated over the many years of experience shared by restoration experts, JT Kraai of Exit Strategies 360 and Tim Hull of Violand Management Associates! Episode 5 is all about the customer base and Tim & JT share: How revenue is broken down for restoration companies TPA work -Best referral sources for contractors Residential vs. commercial space Evaluation – are there certain revenue streams that bring greater value to a company? Personal stories of the importance and/or danger of not differentiating revenue streams

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Market Update: What’s Happening with Claims Volume?

Summary The property insurance claims market is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. Contractors who work in this field need to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments that affect their business and their customers. In this article, we will examine some of the most significant trends in the contractor space of the property insurance claims market, such as: Volume trending: how the number of claims assigned to contractors has varied and what drives the demand for their services Severity trending: how the average cost of repairs and replacements has changed over time

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The BELFOR Story

On this fresh new episode, Rusty Amarante, Director of Operations at BELFOR, joins Michelle to share the journey he has taken in the restoration industry- from part-time cleaning business to Director of Operations at a $3B company. They talk through: What he attributes BELFOR’s massive success The two arms of BELFOR, when they became the independent restoration company and the franchise group What sets BELFOR apart from fellow large competitors in the space? How BELFOR has responded to the M&A landscape over the last few years BELFOR’s huge role in the community, specifically in

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Spot On Marketing in 60 Seconds – Current and Relevant Content

In this week’s SOS marketing tip, we are highlighting the importance of current and relevant content for boosting your Google search rankings. Regularly updating your website, blog, and social media with fresh content not only improves your chances of ranking higher but also enhances your credibility and authority in your industry. Staying informed about industry trends, news, and events allows you to share valuable insights with your audience. By prioritizing current and relevant content, you can take full advantage of Google’s latest algorithm and stay ahead in the digital landscape. Start updating your content

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Responsibility & Building Trust | Restoration MasterClass Season Episode 7

Dive into the essential non-technical skills crucial for success in today’s dynamic world in season THREE of our Restoration Master Class series, in partnership with our sponsor AnswerForce! Two times each month, we will drop quick, new episodes on different topics related to Power Skills – with different industry guests! In episode 7, Kelley Dolan, Business Development Advisor at Violand Management Associates, joins Mandy to share all about her power skill – responsibility, and shares how that ties into building trust in the workplace.

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The Fresh Start Company

Idan Shpizear, Founder of  911 Restoration, and Miri Offir, CEO of 911 Restoration, join the podcast to talk with Michelle about 911 Restoration, telling their story and impact they have in the restoration industry. Idan & Miri share: Their background inside and outside the industry, and what brought them to the restoration industry When was 911 Restoration founded, and what is the company’s overall mission/purpose? How they have seen the industry change in the last 3 years and how they are ensuring the 911 brand stays competitive in a consolidating market What the biggest

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From Field Tech to CEO: Building a Fast-Growing Restoration Company

Welcome back! Eduard Mirzoian, CEO of Restorerz, shares his story of starting as a field tech and building a fast-growing restoration business, sharing what sets Restorerz apart from the rest of the industry. They talk though: Eduard’s background in the industry. The story behind Restorerz The role technology plays in a growing company What keeps Eduard up at night as a CEO of a fast-growing restoration company How do you find, attract, AND retain good talent to keep pace with your growth? Goals for the future ..and MORE!

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Avoiding Common Electrical Overloads

Don’t blow a fuse over electrical overloads! In this episode of When It Comes Down To It, Chuck Boutall from Restoration Technical Institute shares tips for avoiding common electrical overloads and always remember that if you think you have enough power, think again!

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Your Questions Answered About the Cost of Doing Business Survey

Kristy Cohen, CEO of RIA, Anthony Nelson, Group Facilitator at Pivot My Biz, and Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, talk through the latest survey open to restoration companies and answer YOUR questions about: Where the idea for this survey came from KnowHow’s process and why their reasoning How this is different from State of the Industry Report What the survey timeline looks like Who should be completing this survey Plans for the data when it’s all said and done The vetting process and ensuring accuracy of information Is it anonymous? Who has access to

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Spot On Marketing in 60 Seconds – Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Lights, camera, action! Discover the power of incorporating video into your marketing strategy in our latest video. From captivating your audience to boosting engagement and conversions, video has become a cornerstone of modern marketing. Join us as we explore the various ways businesses can leverage video content to stand out in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re showcasing products, sharing testimonials, or providing valuable insights, video allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Tune in now to learn how to harness the potential of video and elevate your marketing efforts to

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