The Seller’s Journey | Restoration Master Class Episode 11

In episode 11 of our Restoration Master Class on M&A, Gokul gives an overarching look at the seller’s journey through the selling process. It is a complicated process, and lots of things owners are signing up for – and signing off on, but knowing what to expect can greatly reduce stress and surprises along the way. Plus, there are some red flags to look for – and a reasonable timeframe to expect. Find all Master Class episodes on our YouTube channel playlist!

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What You Need to Know About Monkeypox

Forensic Operator, Microbial Warrior, and seasoned restorer Jeff Jones returns to Restoration Today to discuss Monkeypox, and what our industry needs to know. – What is Monkeypox? – Where did it come from? – How is it DIFFERENT from COVID? – What are some of the big misconceptions about Monkeypox? – How is it being transmitted? – How long is it living on surfaces? – What are best practices for cleaning and disinfection? AND MORE! This week’s episode of Restoration Today is sponsored by sureti!

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Exploring the Impact of Toxic Chemicals

In this episode, Michelle is joined by two incredible, and highly celebrated scientists to discuss toxic chemicals in our lives – and how they disrupt our bodies, hormones, and environments. Pete Myers, PhD, a founder of sudoc (creator of dot Cleaner), is one of the world’s top experts on endocrine disrupter chemicals. He coined the term “endocrine disruption” in 1991, and coauthored a book in 1996 that discusses the topic, called Our Stolen Future. Terry Collins, PhD, is a fellow founder/inventor, and principal inventor of TAML catalysts. This catalyst could greatly reduce the amount

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Developing Client Expectations

Developing customer expectations on day one can have a big impact on how well the job goes from start to finish. In this episode of When It Comes Down To It, RTI‘s Chuck Boutall outlines five things to discuss and cover with every client before getting to work. Once expectations are developed, then you can manage them! When it comes down to it: you can give customers the feeling of being in control over what is happening to their property, while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

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Restoration Nightmares, M&A Truths, Industry Integrity, & More | Episode 1

Welcome to Phil & Michelle’s Happy Hour – a podcast designed to make you smile, and hopefully learn a few things along the way. A few times a year, Phil Rosebrook Jr. of Business Mentors and Michelle Blevins of C&R Magazine sit down with restoration and cleaning industry leaders and icons to chat about all-things restoration, share stories, and have a few laughs. In this debut episode, Phil and Michelle catch up with Josh Hobbs from Dalworth, Warner Cruz from BluSky (formerly JC Restoration), and Mark Whatley from Actionable Insights! This episode was recorded

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The ONE Thing: Human Capital Management

Publisher’s Note: When Howard wrote this article, we knew it was a great topic for a deeper dive! Check out the Restoration Today podcast episode on Human Capital Management vs. Traditional PR above, and also check out his article on the topic! My team and I have had the pleasure of leading and working with some very high-performing companies. We have many case studies of companies doubling and tripling in size and value in three years in the restoration industry. And many double their value in one year. I am often asked, “what is

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Answering the Call

In restoration, there is no opening time – or closing time. It is a 24/7 business that relies on taking calls after hours, on holidays and weekends, and being ready the moment the phone rings. No matter the company size, having someone ready to answer the phone at all hours can be tricky. Finding a call center or answering service with knowledgable, compassionate staff is also difficult. In this episode of Restoration Today, AnswerForce’s Mandy Rewis talks about the challenges of effectively managing and handling after-hours calls, periods of call influx during CAT situations,

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Closing the Communication Gap Between Restorers and Adjusters

Publisher’s Note: This article was first shared in May of 2022 on the C&R website. It was so popular, we sat down with author and Encircle CEO Paul Donald to dive further into this topic! Take a listen! George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, famously said “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” This quote comes to mind when I think about the communication – or lack thereof – that exists between restorers and adjusters. Communication between restorers and adjusters has been breaking down for years and

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Restoration, Recruiting, and a Reservation

Kinyon and Natalie Martin from Restore Rite in Blackfoot, Idaho, serve a unique area that includes the Fort Hall Indian Reservation and a city with a wide span of incomes and properties. In this episode, Kinyon and Natalie share their techniques and outside-the-box ways to attract and retain talent, and how they work with their team to serve the people in surrounding communities. Plus, a little chatter about work-life balance and running a company, as many do in our industry, as husband and wife.

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