How to Measure and Mark Moisture Points

In this short quick tip video sponsored by Encircle, Certified Restorer Kris Rzesnoski talks about the importance of moisture points, and walks you through how to measure and mark them out. If you’re looking for more quick tips you can check out the full playlist here.  

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Using ChatGPT for Social Media

Revolutionize your social media game with the power of ChatGPT! 🚀 In this week’s “Spot On Marketing,” we’re diving into the innovative strategies that ChatGPT brings to the world of social media marketing. From crafting engaging content to elevating your marketing strategies, discover how ChatGPT can help elevate your brand’s online presence. Ready to explore the future of social media marketing?    

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M&A Trends & News From Canada

We are excited to bring the restoration conversation north of the US and bring Ji Yoon, president & CEO of ⁠Canstar Restoration ⁠on the podcast! Ji Yoon has a decade of experience in the restoration industry and has directed growth within companies, predominantly through M&A strategies. On this episode, Michelle and Ji Yoon talk about: Introducing us to Canstar Restorations What is the restoration climate like in Canada? What are the biggest challenges you’re facing? What is happening with M&A in Canada? What trends do you foresee impacting Canada in 2024? – …and more!

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BONUS EPISODE: Building Tomorrow Together at INTRConnect

On this episode, Scott Severe and Brandon Burton of Corelogic join Michelle to share the latest news at Corelogic and INTRConnect, sharing their thoughts on: #1 thing they are most excited about for INTRConnect What makes INTRConnect different from other industry events What CoreLogic is doing to bring new tools to the mitigation process Highlights for contractors curious what’s on the horizon What’s new in the world of IICRC Standards Top 3 changes contractors will notice/should be excited about with the change …and MORE! 

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Enabling Claims Transparency

On today’s episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, Kevin Dooley, founder of ⁠Kahi⁠ joins Michelle to talk about innovations in the industry, asset tracking,  what Kahi provides to the restoration industry, challenges/opportunities for restorers, and more!

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Websites That Convert in 60 seconds

In our newest “Spot On Marketing” episode, we explore the digital storefronts that go beyond aesthetics to deliver tangible business results and talk about websites that convert. Unravel the mysteries of crafting a website that not only captivates visitors but also turns them into loyal customers. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting in the digital space, this episode is your guide to unlocking the full potential of your online presence.    

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Ethical Boundaries of Crime Scene Cleanup

On this episode, we are joined by Psychologist, speaker, fellow podcast host, & author of the book “What Now – Navigating the Aftermath of Homicide or Suicide,” Dr. Jan Canty. Michelle was introduced to Dr. Canty through a blog on ethical lines for crime scene cleanup. You can read the blog post HERE. Episode highlights: The story behind her book Ethical boundaries for crime and trauma scene cleanup companies How companies in the industry can/should be helping survivors of great losses Red flags of trouble Advice for survivors on finding the right company to

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Overall Profitability from Contractors to Technology | Restoration Master Class Episode 18

On this final and 18th episode of season 2 of The Restoration Master Class, sponsored by Encircle, Michelle talks with Rachel Stewart, CEO of Xcelerate Restoration Software to talk about overall profitability from the contractor side to the technology side of restoration. They discuss: Where Rachel sees restorers doing WELL as it relates to profitability What areas need improvement? Are there blanket margins that are “normal” or is profitability a much bigger spread than people think? How much does software/technology affect a company’s ability to be profitable? …and more!   Miss an episode? Check

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