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Restoration Today is a video and audio podcast covering everything restoration-related.

Every week, Michelle Blevins sits down with an industry peer – a contractor, a colleague, a supplier, an innovator, an insurer, etc. Every conversation covers the hottest topics in today’s restoration industry – going beyond fire and water damage restoration and diving into topics like M&A, company culture, hiring and recruiting, innovations in restoration, and tools of the trade.

Plus, there are some guaranteed laughs and heartfelt moments.

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2024 State of the Industry & Professional Spaghetti Launchers

Michelle was able to spend time catching up with Leighton Healey, CEO of Knowhow,  to talk though the 2024 State of the Industry and share thoughts on: A recap of 2022 & 2023 State of the Industry Trends Excitement for report expansion in 2024 Bilingual aspects within AI Knowhow’s methodology in the report side of the State of the Industry The purpose behind the new workshop for vendors …and MORE! The State of the Industry survey is open until August 16! Join the conversation and take the survey:

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Finding Foundation in AI

Michelle caught up with Garret Gray, President, Protect Insurance Solutions at Corelogic, IMMEDIATELY after his keynote at CORE to talk through: The basics of embracing AI in restoration What’s coming in technology Hiring and making a career in the insurance and restoration space …& MORE!

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Canstar Restorations Continues Canadian Expansion

We are delighted to have Ji Yoon, President & CEO of Canstar Restorations back on the podcast just six months after his first appearance at the end of last year. Since then, they have announced the acquisition of Lydale in May of this year and he is here on the podcast to share the major growth at Canstar Restorations and talk about: What’s new since they last spoke in December Big trends happening in Canada Is Canada AS affected by weather compared to the U.S.? Pain points he’s seeing Sharing a favorite story …

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New Partnerships Helping Contractors Get Paid

Derek Stone, Actionable Insights, and Tom McArdle, Airbotx, join the Restoration Today podcast to share how companies like Actionable Insights and Airbotx can work together to help ease some of the pain points for contractors and help contractors get paid in full for the work they’re doing and the equipment they’re using.

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Launching Guardian Restoration Partners

Back in April, Alpine Investors announced the launch of Guardian Restoration Partners, a new platform focused on partnering with and building exceptional home restoration businesses. Today on the podcast, Michelle talks with Robert Horne, co-founder of DryLux Restoration, Matthew Sharpe, founder of Dry Kings Restoration, and Coyne Borree, owner of Midwest Restoration, about: Differences between Alpine and other PE firms or companies buying restoration companies When they started considering becoming part of a bigger organization – like Alpine Biggest pain points for restorer’s today and how partnerships like Alpine can help overcome those challenges

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One Small Step for Restoration…One Giant Leap for Technology

Today, Michelle is joined by someone who has worn many hats within the restoration industry and just recently has started his own software company, Restoration OS. Mitch Byrom, president & founder of Restoration OS, is here to share his extensive background in the industry and: The issues he saw with software that led him down this route What type of software Restoration OS is at its core What he thinks the industry needs in the software and integration area How AI is being used fruitfully now and where it’s going …and MORE!

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Market Update: What’s Happening with Claims Volume?

Summary The property insurance claims market is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. Contractors who work in this field need to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments that affect their business and their customers. In this article, we will examine some of the most significant trends in the contractor space of the property insurance claims market, such as: Volume trending: how the number of claims assigned to contractors has varied and what drives the demand for their services Severity trending: how the average cost of repairs and replacements has changed over time

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The BELFOR Story

On this fresh new episode, Rusty Amarante, Director of Operations at BELFOR, joins Michelle to share the journey he has taken in the restoration industry- from part-time cleaning business to Director of Operations at a $3B company. They talk through: What he attributes BELFOR’s massive success The two arms of BELFOR, when they became the independent restoration company and the franchise group What sets BELFOR apart from fellow large competitors in the space? How BELFOR has responded to the M&A landscape over the last few years BELFOR’s huge role in the community, specifically in

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The Fresh Start Company

Idan Shpizear, Founder of  911 Restoration, and Miri Offir, CEO of 911 Restoration, join the podcast to talk with Michelle about 911 Restoration, telling their story and impact they have in the restoration industry. Idan & Miri share: Their background inside and outside the industry, and what brought them to the restoration industry When was 911 Restoration founded, and what is the company’s overall mission/purpose? How they have seen the industry change in the last 3 years and how they are ensuring the 911 brand stays competitive in a consolidating market What the biggest

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From Field Tech to CEO: Building a Fast-Growing Restoration Company

Welcome back! Eduard Mirzoian, CEO of Restorerz, shares his story of starting as a field tech and building a fast-growing restoration business, sharing what sets Restorerz apart from the rest of the industry. They talk though: Eduard’s background in the industry. The story behind Restorerz The role technology plays in a growing company What keeps Eduard up at night as a CEO of a fast-growing restoration company How do you find, attract, AND retain good talent to keep pace with your growth? Goals for the future ..and MORE!

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