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InsurTech, Direct Repair, and Meeting Customer Expectations

Doug Schaedler and Brandon Donatelli from HOMEE join Restoration Today to talk about the evolution of InsurTech. We discuss using Net Promoter Scores to streamline the claims process, the shift in customer expectations and communication, creating a platform to to handle smaller, less complex claims efficiently, effectively and getting contractors paid quickly, and more.

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Becoming a High-Performing Project Manager

Reese Darlington is a project manager for Venturi Restoration (formerly Response Team 1) in Southern California, and joins this episode of Restoration Today right from a job site! Reese shares how he juggles 40+ projects at a time, establishes good rapport with clients, finds and maintains good relationships with his subcontractors, and avoids the burnout that comes with long hours in a 24/7 industry.

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A Passion for Innovating: Cleaning, Ozone, and HVAC

David Hart grew up a tinkerer. Never caring much for school, he preferred to take things apart and reassemble them, learning how the world around him worked. A series of twists and turns in life sent Hart on an interesting journey that may or may not involve an entire set of flatware, military intelligence, the U.S. Army, hanging out in an ozone chamber, and more. Join us for a great conversation with RamAir International Founder David Hart, where he shares some personal stories, professional triumphs, and interesting tales.

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Proper Care of Inspection Equipment

This short, six-minute video walks through how technicians, project managers, and anyone else using instruments like moisture meters and thermal hygrometers should handle, clean, and store them for maximum lifespan and accuracy. This includes developing a maintenance program for equipment, and understanding the difference between various water damage equipment kits and what they might include. Be sure to watch the entire video for some great bloopers!

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The Future is Now: A Refreshed RIA

The energy and excitement at this year’s RIA International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo was palpable. Using experience and feedback as their guide, it was clear everyone involved in the planning of this year’s event wanted it to be valuable and memorable, and they succeeded. In this episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, we are joined by: Kristy Cohen, RIA CEO Katie Smith, President of the Board of Directors Mark Springer, Immediate Past President Ben Looper, President-Elect We discuss a little bit about the conference, then dive into pressing questions about why today’s RIA is different,

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Extreme Ownership: Triumphs, Tragedies, & Tornadoes

Penco Restoration has been serving cities surrounding Atlanta, GA., for nearly a decade. Over that time, they’ve faced all the extremes: the triumphs of explosive growth, the heartbreak of tragedies within their team, and the pressures of a tornado leveling their town. Through it all, the team has remained strong and loyal to their customers and community. In this episode of Restoration Today, Penco founder/owner Joey Pendley authentically shares some of the keys to their explosive growth, challenges they’ve overcome, getting jobs, community and industry involvement, and more. 

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From Wall Street to Restoration: Building a Mammoth Culture

When a career on Wall Street left him feeling unsatisfied, Mike Bevilacqua decided to explore other directions for his career and was surprised by the restoration industry. Fast forward 15+ years, Mike now runs a large restoration company on the East Coast – Mammoth Restoration, with eight locations across three states. Over the years, he learned what does and does not work for effective growth, how to create a healthy culture, and what it takes to drive explosive growth. At the root of it all: focus on people, not numbers. In this episode, Mike

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M&A Introduction | Restoration Master Class

Welcome to the debut episode of the first ever Restoration Master Class! This series is focused on mergers and acquisitions in the restoration industry – what owners and their team need to know, what makes a business sellable, how to create an exit strategy, the evaluation process, and so much more. Join Gokul Padmanabhan of Restoration Brokers of America and C&R Publisher Michelle Blevins as they walk through this brand new master class series designed to help contractors make educated decisions about the future of their own business, while understand the future of the

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