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Woodard 75 Anniversary

Founded by a War Hero: Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Woodard’s story is best told by those closest to it. In conjunction with Woodard Cleaning & Restoration celebrating 75 years of serving the St. Louis area, C&R sat down with third generation owner, Justin Woodard. He shares a story unlike any other – of a war hero shot down over France, a harrowing mountain escape, and a journey to America. Earl Woodard and his wife, Nancy, started a carpet cleaning service out of a trailer pulled by the family car. In time, they grew and grew – and attribute their success to their “unrelenting

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Growth, M&A, Competition, & Pricing: A Candid Conversation with Paul Davis COO Mike Hopkins

In this episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, Michelle sits down with Paul Davis COO Mike Hopkins. He has been in the franchise world for some time, and part of Paul Davis since 2015. Michelle and Mike talk about the landscape of today’s restoration industry, what it takes to stay competitive as the industry continues to consolidate, the importance of pricing feedback to influence Xactimate pricing, and what Mike foresees ahead for our industry.

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The ATI Story: Growing the Nation’s Largest Family-Owned Restoration Company | Seller Stories Ep. 2

In the second episode of our Seller Stories series, we are turning the tables – talking to the leaders of a company that is not for sale, but is instead positioning itself in the buyer’s seat and looking to grow through mergers and acquisitions. ATI is the largest family-owned restoration company in the U.S, and well into its second-generation of leadership. In this episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, hear the story behind ATI, how generational leadership changes have played out, the organic way these men have found their positions within the family company,

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Who Sets The Drying Goal? | The Roving Restorer

It’s important to understand the Restorer is the critical party who must establish the drying goal and agree to be able to work toward achieving it. A consultant, IEP or another party who is not hired by the contractor is just there to provide their opinion and that opinion should be checked and verified that they have the training, experience and knowledge. The restorer has to deliver the the project results and be confident in your decision. Restoration Simplified! See more videos from The Roving Restorer right here!

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After the Sale | Seller Stories Ep. 1

Welcome to a brand new special series on the Restoration Today Podcast called Seller Stories. In this episode, meet Scott Miller and hear his selling story, and journey since then to transition out of being a restoration company owner.

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Assignment of Benefits: The Key to Recovering Fair Market Value for Restoration Services

One of the things that makes the restoration industry unique is that payment for services is usually made by a third party, the insurance company, whereas payment for services provided by other industries is usually made by the recipient of the service. The restoration industry relies heavily on proceeds from property insurance policies as compensation for restoration services. Too frequently, restorers accept greatly reduced prices for their work, just to make payroll and keep the lights on. This needs to change. Restorers report to me that they often feel disempowered because they are on

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Tips for Selling and Creating Value | Part 1 (with VIDEO!)

Over the past few years, I have seen a lot of change within the restoration industry and an influx of businesses selling. Curious as to why, my perspective is that many baby boomers are at that point in their career. With TPA’s continuing to pinch folks, as well as costs going up, margins have been decreasing. I have heard from many, “It’s not as good as it used to be.” Of course, no one likes change. With interest rates being near historical lows and a ton of private equity on the sideline, no wonder

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New Academy Gearing Up to Train & Equip Future Restorers

It is no secret the restoration industry is in the midst of a hiring crisis. Now, there is a school specifically serving high school students, recent graduates, and anyone else interested in getting into the trades. The Painting and Disaster Restoration Academy is a fully virtual school that can get students through safety courses, teach the basics of restoration (think even more elementary than WRT courses), and more. From there, the academy partners with restoration companies to place students right into open jobs! In this episode, meet the two masterminds behind the Academy.

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Industry Insights | Actionable Insights’ Harrison + Whatley Weigh in on CoreLogic Acquiring Next Gear Solutions

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, CoreLogic announced it had acquired Next Gear Solutions which could have far-reaching impacts on the restoration industry when it comes to estimating, data, and more. Seth Harrison is the Executive Director and Mark Whatley is founder of Actionable Insights. Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem by advancing legislation and clarifying globally recognized billing standards. As a natural expression of this mission, we established estimating guidelines that help Xactimate users generate accurate estimates that are approved without hesitation.

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