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Innovating & Staying Ahead of the Game in Drying Technology

Welcome back to a FRESH new episode of the Restoration Today Podcast! Michelle sits down to talk with Erin Hynum, Senior Director of Product Management at Phoenix Restoration Equipment, about what’s new and different with Phoenix’s latest product, the DryMAX XL PRO, and: Where the industry is at with remote monitoring What contractors are looking for in equipment today How long it takes to design and innovate to roll out a whole new product The future of drying & where drying technology is going Choosing the right software and technology ..and MORE!

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The Natural® by Chem-Dry® announces ECOLOGO® Certification

The leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise’s powerful non-toxic cleaner is recognized by trusted sustainability standards organization for its reduced environmental impact Chem-Dry®, the carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise leader, is proud to announce that the brand’s core cleaning solution, The Natural®, has achieved ECOLOGO® certification. All ECOLOGO® Certified products have met rigorous ECOLOGO® environmental leadership and sustainability standards. ECOLOGO® certification demonstrates the reduced environmental impact of The Natural by Chem-Dry and reflects a commitment to a sustainable future. “We’re proud to have achieved this industry-leading standard for sustainability, which reflects our dedication to

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ZIPWALL® ZipDoor® Magnetic Wins 2024 Retailers’ Choice Award

The reusable, self-closing magnetic door is the most versatile door kit by ZIPWALL  ZipWall®, the leading provider of innovative dust protection solutions, proudly announces that its ZipDoor® Magnetic was chosen as a Retailers’ Choice Award winner at the 2024 National Hardware Show®. For the past 58 years, the Retailers’ Choice Awards have showcased the best, most innovative products featured at the National Hardware Show. Presented by North American Hardware Paint Association, the awards honor manufacturers for their innovation and provide insight for retailers. The Retailers’ Choice Awards rely on the opinions of actual retailers who know

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magicplan and Clean Claims Partner to Streamline Restoration Work

magicplan, renowned for its real-time documentation technology, has partnered with Clean Claims, specialists in field service documentation. This collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency of restoration projects by integrating their technologies. Clean Claims brings proven accuracy and reliability to the partnership, complementing magicplan’s expertise in quick and efficient project documentation. Together, they are set to improve operational workflows in the restoration industry. Lane Larsen, President of Clean Claims, stated, “Integrating magicplan’s innovative technology with Clean Claims’ precise monitoring and documentation capabilities is truly transformative for our customers. This collaboration enhances on-site efficiency and significantly

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Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers Lead Market Ahead of Refrigerant Restrictions

Legend Brands was ahead of the game when Washington State banned the sale of dehumidifiers using 410A refrigerant on January 1, 2024. By Summer 2023 Dri- Eaz dehumidifiers were already using R32, a proven low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, well ahead of state deadlines requiring the use of refrigerants below 750 GWP. Legend Brands chose R32 refrigerant because it’s one of the most efficient refrigerants, and it has a very low GWP rating (675). R32 refrigerant also has a strong record – it’s been used in at least 160 million units in the

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Phoenix Announces DryMAX XL Pro with Complete DryLINK® Integration

Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a top provider of water damage restoration equipment today announced the launch of DryMAX XL Pro, the most advanced restoration dehumidifier on the market. The Phoenix DryMAX XL Pro solves the one shortcoming of horizontal dehumidifiers, ease of going up and down stairs. It also adds many new features including complete integration into DryLINK and DryLINK Asset Manager. Some of the benefits include: Two position handle improves stair performance beyond traditional upright dehumidifiers Extended handle serves as a dolly with interlocking features with AirMAX and Focus II Onboard USB to power

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New Software Launch: RestoreTech 360 – Revolutionizing Restoration Industry Training

RestoreTech 360 is excited to announce the launch of its innovative online training platform, specifically designed to address the critical labor shortage in the property restoration industry. RestoreTech 360 offers a comprehensive solution that blends classroom knowledge with practical simulations. This groundbreaking program is set to transform the way technicians are trained, addressing the critical labor shortage in the industry.  Revolutionizing Training with Technology  RestoreTech 360 utilizes a unique approach combining digital classroom training, digital field experience, ongoing support through AI Restore Assist, and uses 360-degree cameras / 3D modules. This method ensures that

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Grignard Pure LLC Receives EPA Registration for Innovative Mold and Mildew Odor Prevention & Elimination Solution

Arresta™ “Stops the Clock” on The Growth of New Mold Odors To Aid in Remediation, Restoration, Commercial Cleaning and At-home Prevention Grignard Pure, LLC, a leader in developing next-generation indoor air treatment solutions for disease mitigation, indoor air quality and pandemic response, has received EPA registration for Arresta™, a unique new air treatment solution effective at preventing or eliminating mold and mildew odor. Arresta™ gets rid of mold odors by attacking at the source what is not visible to the naked eye. Arresta™ works in all indoor commercial, institutional, and residential spaces. “45 million buildings

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Apex Era Inc. Unveils ChatGPP: A Revolutionary Tool for Damage Restoration Professionals

Co-Founder Matt Gregory pioneers a groundbreaking large language model Restorers are taking control of their future relationship with Artificial intelligence (A.I.). The release of chat GPP a first of its kind AI Model marks the latest advancement in how the industry plans to leverage these emerging technologies.   “I believe if we as an industry fail to adopt this new tech, we will be doomed to suffer the same pitfalls we have been paying the price on for years. We at Apex plan on leading the new Era of restoration in which restorers not only

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Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System

Remotely Monitor In-situ Moisture Content, WME Wood Moisture Equivalent, Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Humidity Ratio. The Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System NOW incorporates MC & WME features, specifically for the Restoration Industry. The cloud-based system designed, developed and built in Ireland by Tramex, provides the most accurate and reliable monitoring and recording of your projects’ in-situ MC/WME, surface temperature and ambient environmental temperature and humidity conditions. Remote Monitoring allows the best restorers to document continuous data throughout a project. Understanding how the building’s materials are reacting to the drying regime is

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