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Market Update: What’s Happening with Claims Volume?

Summary The property insurance claims market is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. Contractors who work in this field need to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments that affect their business and their customers. In this article, we will examine some of the most significant trends in the contractor space of the property insurance claims market, such as: Volume trending: how the number of claims assigned to contractors has varied and what drives the demand for their services Severity trending: how the average cost of repairs and replacements has changed over time

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The BELFOR Story

On this fresh new episode, Rusty Amarante, Director of Operations at BELFOR, joins Michelle to share the journey he has taken in the restoration industry- from part-time cleaning business to Director of Operations at a $3B company. They talk through: What he attributes BELFOR’s massive success The two arms of BELFOR, when they became the independent restoration company and the franchise group What sets BELFOR apart from fellow large competitors in the space? How BELFOR has responded to the M&A landscape over the last few years BELFOR’s huge role in the community, specifically in

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The Fresh Start Company

Idan Shpizear, Founder of  911 Restoration, and Miri Offir, CEO of 911 Restoration, join the podcast to talk with Michelle about 911 Restoration, telling their story and impact they have in the restoration industry. Idan & Miri share: Their background inside and outside the industry, and what brought them to the restoration industry When was 911 Restoration founded, and what is the company’s overall mission/purpose? How they have seen the industry change in the last 3 years and how they are ensuring the 911 brand stays competitive in a consolidating market What the biggest

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From Field Tech to CEO: Building a Fast-Growing Restoration Company

Welcome back! Eduard Mirzoian, CEO of Restorerz, shares his story of starting as a field tech and building a fast-growing restoration business, sharing what sets Restorerz apart from the rest of the industry. They talk though: Eduard’s background in the industry. The story behind Restorerz The role technology plays in a growing company What keeps Eduard up at night as a CEO of a fast-growing restoration company How do you find, attract, AND retain good talent to keep pace with your growth? Goals for the future ..and MORE!

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Your Questions Answered About the Cost of Doing Business Survey

Kristy Cohen, CEO of RIA, Anthony Nelson, Group Facilitator at Pivot My Biz, and Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, talk through the latest survey open to restoration companies and answer YOUR questions about: Where the idea for this survey came from KnowHow’s process and why their reasoning How this is different from State of the Industry Report What the survey timeline looks like Who should be completing this survey Plans for the data when it’s all said and done The vetting process and ensuring accuracy of information Is it anonymous? Who has access to

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Innovating & Staying Ahead of the Game in Drying Technology

Welcome back to a FRESH new episode of the Restoration Today Podcast! Michelle sits down to talk with Erin Hynum, Senior Director of Product Management at Phoenix Restoration Equipment, about what’s new and different with Phoenix’s latest product, the DryMAX XL PRO, and: Where the industry is at with remote monitoring What contractors are looking for in equipment today How long it takes to design and innovate to roll out a whole new product The future of drying & where drying technology is going Choosing the right software and technology ..and MORE!

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RIA Recap & the Strategic Momentum of the Restoration Industry

Though the 2024 RIA Convention has come and gone, the conversations are still continuing throughout the industry, and Chris Nordyke, president of Floodlight Consulting Group, & Brandon Reece, CEO of Floodlight, sat down to talk with Michelle about their thoughts on one of the biggest conventions of the year PLUS a little authentic industry conversation on a hot topic at the end!  

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All That Is Old Is New Again

On the latest episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, Michelle talks with Dan Cassara, Founder of CORE Group and Tom Gissler, CRO at CORE Group, about: Latest news at CORE What led Tom to CORE Trends they are both seeing in the industry right now How companies like CORE are affecting the consolidation of the industry Whether or not they see the lack of weather/economy affecting contractors overall What contractors could/should be doing to be busy year-round, and not fully weather-dependent …and MORE! Registration for the Collective is NOW OPEN! Register HERE and use

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The Human Side of Leadership

Welcome back to the Restoration Today podcast! Today, David Wheatley, Principal/Co-Founder of Humanergy is here to talk with Michelle about leadership development and how to grow and develop healthy teams. Talking points: David shares a bit more about Humanergy Working “non-negotiable vs. just “priorities”into running a business effectively What is a Solidarity Statement and what does it mean? The #1 thing David coaches teams through as a way to resolve almost any conflict David unravels some of the confusion between accountability, authority, and responsibility. … and MORE!

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From Lawn Care to Epic Estimates

Bobby Paine, CEO of Epic Estimates, joins the podcast with Michelle to share his background and unique way he found himself working in the restoration industry. They talk through: What Epic Estimates provides the restoration industry Biggest trends and changes Bobby has seen in the industry and with estimating today Symbility and how much he’s seeing people use it Importance of technology when it comes to estimating, especially with hiring A favorite story … and MORE!

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