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All That Is Old Is New Again

On the latest episode of the Restoration Today Podcast, Michelle talks with Dan Cassara, Founder of CORE Group and Tom Gissler, CRO at CORE Group, about: Latest news at CORE What led Tom to CORE Trends they are both seeing in the industry right now How companies like CORE are affecting the consolidation of the industry Whether or not they see the lack of weather/economy affecting contractors overall What contractors could/should be doing to be busy year-round, and not fully weather-dependent …and MORE! Registration for the Collective is NOW OPEN! Register HERE and use

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The Human Side of Leadership

Welcome back to the Restoration Today podcast! Today, David Wheatley, Principal/Co-Founder of Humanergy is here to talk with Michelle about leadership development and how to grow and develop healthy teams. Talking points: David shares a bit more about Humanergy Working “non-negotiable vs. just “priorities”into running a business effectively What is a Solidarity Statement and what does it mean? The #1 thing David coaches teams through as a way to resolve almost any conflict David unravels some of the confusion between accountability, authority, and responsibility. … and MORE!

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From Lawn Care to Epic Estimates

Bobby Paine, CEO of Epic Estimates, joins the podcast with Michelle to share his background and unique way he found himself working in the restoration industry. They talk through: What Epic Estimates provides the restoration industry Biggest trends and changes Bobby has seen in the industry and with estimating today Symbility and how much he’s seeing people use it Importance of technology when it comes to estimating, especially with hiring A favorite story … and MORE!

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Beyond the Lab: Cleaning for Health, Caring for Ebola Patients, & What is Clean

Michelle was able to take a tour of I-team North America facility in Holland, Michigan and speak with Patty Olinger, who is Founder & CEO of BEAMS Consulting. Most restorers might remember her as being the Executive Director of GBAC, a division of ISSA. They talk through: Cleaning and disinfection of today and the future The difference between cleaning in the US and Europe Her experience on the team at Emory that cared for and created protocols for caring for the Ebola patients. Cleaning technologies Best practices (and no-nos) with cleaning and disinfection The

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Four Generations of Restoration Insurance & Bright Pink Kicks

On the latest episode, Michelle talks with Kate Scully-Krebsbach, with Scully Insurance Group, about all things restoration insurance. Kate shares her advice for contractors as they hit topics like: Trends in the insurance space Whether Kate sees common areas where restoration contractors are under insured Are there more instances of companies not getting renewed? When did Kate learn the value of becoming a RESOURCE for others? Advice for candidates ready for a new position in 2024 ..and MORE!!

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Forge a Dynasty Business

Chuck Violand, founder of Violand Management Associates and long-time friend, joins the podcast to share more about his new book, “Forging Dynasty Businesses”, a book & tool that helps small businesses become better at “finding the right people, vetting the right people, & creating a culture where people wanted to stay.” Chuck and Michelle talk through: What led to book #2 and how long it took to complete The premise of the book How often owners should be recognizing and celebrating various things their team does ONE story from the book …and MORE!

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Will YOU Be at the RIA Convention?

On this next episode of the Restoration Today podcast, we are thrilled to have three people who REALLY care about the restoration industry and the RIA. Kelley Dolan (Violand Management Associates), Jeff Jones (Violand Management Associates), and Andy McCabe (Quickcheck) join Michelle to share favorite RIA Convention memories, best ways to network, what’s NEW and DIFFERENT this year, and how to get the most out of the 2024 RIA Restoration Convention & Industry Expo. Register TODAY for the RIA Restoration Convention & Industry Expo: https://convention.restorationindustry.org/

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Disinfection, Mycotoxins, & Pepper Spray

On the latest episode, Ryan Giger, VP of Sales & Marketing at Vital Solutions and James Parker, GM at Vital Solutions talk with Michelle about disinfection, sharing their background in the industry and the history and mission of their company. They talk with Michelle about: Vital Oxide How COVID changed the disinfectant market What kinds of questions consumers are asking about products being used in their homes What things contractors should consider when choosing which products to use in their company Mycotoxins – what are they, and how big of a deal are they?

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Genuine Care & Staying Present | Restoration Master Class Episode 2

Dive into the essential non-technical skills crucial for success in today’s dynamic world in season THREE of our Restoration Master Class series, in partnership with our sponsor AnswerForce! Two times each month, we will drop quick, new episodes on different topics related to Power Skills – with different industry guests! In the second episode, Mandy Rewis, Business Development Leader at Answerforce, talks Holly Murry, President of FRSTeam, about: The extensive experience in the industry and at FRSTeam Speaking at INTRConnect on Navigating the workforce Most important power skill in franchising Advice & tips for

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The Power of Local Relationships & American Restoration

Dan Tarantin, CEO of American Restoration, joins the Restoration Today podcast to share more about American Restoration, what he’s seeing in the M&A space, and overall trends in the restoration industry. Podcast highlights: Explain more about how all the well-known restoration companies in the mix all come under the American umbrella. The value these companies have found being under the American Restoration umbrella. What American Restoration’s overall goal is in 2024 What sets American Restoration apart from other growing, multi-location, multi-state restoration companies #1 pain point facing restoration companies today …and MORE!

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