DocuSketch™ Extends Its Estimating Capabilities with Acquisition of Ask AiME™


DocuSketch™, the gold standard in 360° restoration documentation solutions has officially acquired Ask AiME™, the popular AI software augmenting and automating restoration estimates for compliance, value, and training.

As a restoration provider, the industry is ever-evolving and it has become more and more difficult to keep up with the high changing demands. Combining AiME’s™ automated review process with DocuSketch’s™ 360° imaging and estimating services will provide consistent and trusted estimates to all parties

Ask AiME™ provides trackable results by instantly interpreting PDF estimates, checking for scope compliance and completeness, and ultimately assisting in delivering timely and accurate estimates to the policyholder in both Xactimate and CoreLogic. Designed to instantly review an estimate to provide training and education during the estimating process, AiME’s™ approach will provide DocuSketch™ and its customers with instant feedback. This allows users to assess if the targeted response applies to their estimates and therefore decide whether to make a change based on the insights provided.

Chris Tilkov, Founder and Creator of Ask AiME™ states, “We’re inspired by the great products that DocuSketch™ has created and we are excited to incorporate our technologies together to bring incredible accuracy and consistency to estimating.” 

“As a business owner, you’re only as good as your Estimator. With so many changes that regularly occur, an Estimator has to keep up with said changes or be in the field doing the work; they unfortunately cannot do both, making your business suffer. The acquisition of Ask AiME™ adds an additional layer to our product offerings, making us the gold standard when it comes to writing a neutral estimate,” states Nelson Higgins, VP of Estimating Services at DocuSketch™. 

DocuSketch™ has already started to integrate Ask AiME™ in its own estimating operations and plans to offer this service to their customer base as well. Acquiring Ask AiME™ was a natural fit in DocuSketch’s™ strategy to combine top-notch technology with best-in-class documentation and estimating services.  

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