Expert Panel: How to Build a Strong Team & Avoid High Turnover


In recent years, businesses have faced unprecedented employment challenges. Through navigating the Great Resignation, work-from-home policies, and the evolving priorities of workers, many businesses are facing worker shortages, unprecedented turnover, and the anxiety of wondering whether their top talent will stick around.

To help navigate these challenges, we asked industry experts for tips on how to attract and retain top talent in today’s employment landscape.

Commit to Culture by Being Engaged with Your Team

“Strengthening your team and avoiding turnover comes down to culture. Engaging with your team pays off in dividends done authentically and consistently. Your people want to be part of a team that is appreciated and not just someone who punches a clock. Just like you want your team to be engaged with the job, they want you to be engaged in their performance and quality of work. Small, intentional efforts put toward your team each day will create big profits from your team.”

Larry Wilberton, VP of Operations at Super Tech University

Respect Goes a Long Way

“Since 1960, New Crystal Restoration has been guided by the principles and high standards set by our founder, my father, Louis Cordasco. Dad had such a special way about him. He seemed to innately understand the value of a team who felt respected, cherished, and admired. Today, nearly 65 years later, our team interactions mirror these same values. How lucky can one be to work each day with a team who like each other and likes helping our customers. Truly magical.”

Lisa Cordasco, President at New Crystal Restoration

Take a Genuine Interest in Your Team and Share the Wealth

“It sounds simple, but communication and trust. Ask open-ended questions to learn what matters to them, listen to what they have to say, and respond thoughtfully. Acknowledge their efforts, show interest in them, and appreciate their contribution to the company, and offer avenues for professional growth. And most importantly, do not step over dollars to pick up pennies; meaning share the wealth because it will inevitably cost you more to hire new employees than to retain the ones you have.”

Jenny Yokoyama, VP of Marketing & Recruiting at Restoration Recruiters

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