Genuine Care & Staying Present | Restoration Master Class Episode 2


Dive into the essential non-technical skills crucial for success in today’s dynamic world in season THREE of our Restoration Master Class series, in partnership with our sponsor AnswerForce! Two times each month, we will drop quick, new episodes on different topics related to Power Skills – with different industry guests!

In the second episode, Mandy Rewis, Business Development Leader at Answerforce, talks Holly Murry, President of FRSTeam, about:

  • The extensive experience in the industry and at FRSTeam
  • Speaking at INTRConnect on Navigating the workforce
  • Most important power skill in franchising
  • Advice & tips for staying present in the workforce
  • ..and MORE!

Miss an episode? Check them all out below! Each is 15 minutes or less, and no two episodes cover the same angle on Power Skills!

EPISODE 1: Relationships & Power Skills

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