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Navigating the New Overtime Rules: What They Mean for Employers and Employees

The Department of Labor has introduced significant changes to overtime regulations, impacting employers and employees across various industries. These new rules aim to ensure fair compensation for extended work hours and substantially shift how businesses operate and how workers are compensated. Let’s explore what these changes require, when they take effect, and their implications for everyone involved. Understanding the New Overtime Rules The latest overtime regulations, which took effect on July 1, 2024, increase the salary threshold for overtime eligibility. Previously, employees earning up to $35,568 annually were entitled to overtime pay for any

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2024 State of the Industry & Professional Spaghetti Launchers

Michelle was able to spend time catching up with Leighton Healey, CEO of Knowhow,  to talk though the 2024 State of the Industry and share thoughts on: A recap of 2022 & 2023 State of the Industry Trends Excitement for report expansion in 2024 Bilingual aspects within AI Knowhow’s methodology in the report side of the State of the Industry The purpose behind the new workshop for vendors …and MORE! The State of the Industry survey is open until August 16! Join the conversation and take the survey: https://www.candrmagazine.com/stateoftheindustry/

2024 State of the Industry & Professional Spaghetti Launchers

Finding Foundation in AI

Spot On Marketing in 60 Seconds – The Purpose of SEO

Coaching a Winning Team | Restoration Master Class Episode 11

Spot On Marketing in 60 Seconds – Value of Custom Websites

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Expert Panel: Maintaining Cash Flow Amid Challenging Times

Expanding your cleaning and restoration company to take on commercial jobs can seem like a daunting task…

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