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A New Kind of Consulting: Restoration CrossCheck LLC

Ed Cross has announced the launch of a new business venture to add to his current list of offerings to restorers. Restoration CrossCheck LLC is made up of a team of prominent restoration and insurance industry experts with a proven track record growing restoration companies and working in the trenches to overcome the challenges faced by restorers. CrossCheck analyzes restoration companies’ aspirations and results, customizing a plan to empower them to withstand industry volatility. It draws from current hands-on experience to accelerate a company’s performance and enhance its culture. Its mission is to provide

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Free Estimates? Can You Spot the Policyholder Who Merely Intends to Cash Out?

I receive lots of calls from restorers who are sick and tired of writing estimates for policyholders who do not intend to hire them to perform the work. Policyholders use well-written estimates to increase their insurance recoveries, often at the expense of the estimator.  It can be enormously time-consuming to prepare a good estimate. This is precious time taken away from paying work. Estimating requires professional expertise, so why shouldn’t that time be compensable? Well, it may be if you set it up right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea for your

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