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Dear David: Does an Engineer Need to Consider All the Evidence Available?

Dear David, Does an engineer need to consider all the evidence available? Whether it’s storm damage, water damage, or even fires we are seeing more engineers being engaged by insurance companies.  Often these visits are brief, and they result in the policyholder receiving a denial letter.  Dear Engineered Denial, According to my favorite search engine, Professional Engineers are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. That being true, licensing brings with it regulations and a standard of professional conduct. Wisconsin’s Administrative Code Chapter A-E 8 spells out Professional Conduct for Architects,

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Dear David: Do Insurance Companies Cover Damages Anymore?

Dear David, Do insurance companies cover damages anymore? It seems like almost every situation is met with some type of resistance. Scope, price, material costs, replacement cost, actual cash value, cause of loss, water damage, and even fire issues with smoke to name a few. Between program work, the supply chain issues, labor shortages, and demand brought on by recent weather events it feels like we must fight on every front.  Dear Covered Damages, The appetite for resistance to claims does seem to have evolved. A change to the notion of “business as usual”

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Dear David: My Temp Worker Got Hurt – Now What?

Dear David, Finding good employees is tough. We use different ways to meet our labor needs. Sometimes we borrow and other times we use a temp-agency. Negotiating these agreements makes me wonder–How should an injury to their worker be addressed in our insurance?  Dear “Employee,”  The insurance coverage depends on how the parties want bodily injury liability issues to flow through the relationship. The agreement will be one of the first documents an adjuster will request following an incident. Two primary fundamentals to understand. First, the injured worker in the pursuit of your business

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