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Contents Cleaning in A Post-COVID World: What Has Changed?

A popular question I am getting asked quite frequently these days: “what has changed in contents restoration with COVID in the world today?” My answer? Everything and nothing at all. Wait…WHAT? Nothing has really changed in regards to how we should be protecting ourselves when working on a fire job or how we should process a job. What has changed is our awareness of just how critical it is to process contents properly while protecting ourselves, our employees, and our clients at all times. This virus got in our face, and produced immediate consequences

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Mold Sensitivity and the Value of Health

Now, more than ever, our industry needs to focus on our clients, health, and cleaning. In the last 20 years, mold remediation has gone from the “new kid on the block” to an established subsection of the restoration industry. However, one of the things that sets mold remediation apart from responding to water losses and fires is the medical component to many mold cases. In an odd twist, as we get and keep our buildings cleaner, and spend more time inside, a larger percentage of individuals develop sensitivities to indoor contaminants such as mold.

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