Allstate Pays Contractor $335,000 to Settle Dispute Over $33,000 Restoration Invoice

Contractor with a long history of collecting overhead and profit for mitigation and contents is denied 10 & 10 for subcontracted contents work. Allstate adjuster writes: “Allstate does not cover OH&P for mitigation or contents work so unfortunately your request for OH&P for any contents work or packing will not be approved.” Contractor uses Assignment of Insurance Rights to sue the carrier directly for overhead, profit, and attorneys’ fees. Retired Allstate Property Claim Manager testifies that Allstate acted in bad faith for refusing to pay overhead and profit for contents. SANTA ANA, CA –

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O&P: Two Letters, Endless Frustration

There are so many topics that could be written about in our industry, and have been. Yet, there seems to be a select few that continually pop up, but never seem to be understood to the point of being resolved. The one I would like to attempt is Overhead and Profit. Why has a seemingly simple phrase -“O&P” – brought so much frustration to the contractor and to an industry at large? Let me assure everyone, it really is not confusing, it has just been made that way for several reasons. Most of them

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