Tramex Moisture Encounter MEX5 


The Moisture Encounter MEX5 is the latest all-in-one multi-functional moisture meter for building surveying and inspection from Tramex Meters.

Designed and built in Ireland, for decades the Moisture Encounter has been the world’s best moisture meter for moisture evaluation of building materials such as wood, drywall, plaster, tile, roofing and masonry. Now Tramex Meters have taken the Moisture Encounter capabilities to a new level. Building on Tramex Meters’ traditional values of reliability, versatility and repeatability of readings, we have developed the digital Moisture Encounter MEX5 to also include:

  • Instant, non-destructive, material-specific scale ranges/sensitivities.
  • Built-in hygrometer and infrared surface thermometer.
  • Shallow-depth scale for up to ⅜” wood %MC and non-destructive WME wood moisture equivalent precision in other building materials.
  • Ambient psychrometric and material moisture values simultaneously displayed.
  • In-situ RH & Pin Probe connections for in-situ psychrometrics and Pin wood, drywall, and WME measurements.
  • Quantitative %moisture content readings in wood and drywall.
  • Moisture detection and mapping a multitude of building materials with the Tramex Meters App.

These individual and collective features make the Moisture Encounter MEX5 an essential and indispensable asset for professionals in the building moisture inspection and restoration industry.

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