5 Profitability Myths + Profitability | Restoration Master Class Episode 9


Season TWO of the Restoration Master Class, sponsored by Encircle, continues with a fresh episode on this year’s topic: profitability.

In this episode, we are joined by Gokul Padmanabhan, founder of Restoration Brokers of America. He shares five myths about profitability – which help paint a clear picture of what it means and does not mean to be profitable. He also discusses the dangers of bank balance accounting, who should be watching company numbers, and more!

Miss an episode? Here is what we’ve covered so far this season:

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EPISODE 7: The Value of Franchising + Profitability
EPISODE 6: Cash Flow Management + Profitability 
EPISODE 5: Succession Planning + Profitability
EPISODE 4: Intentionality + Profitability 
EPISODE 3: Training + Profitability
EPISODE 2: Technology + Profitability
EPISODE 1: Organizational Structure + Profitability 

Every episode is available on the C&R YouTube channel or your favorite podcast platform by searching “Restoration Master Class”.

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