Accelerating Growth: Peers or Foes?


When business owners and leaders look to accelerate their business growth, there are often two types of people: those who will lean into their industry peers, especially those outside their markets, and the others who won’t discuss business with peers at all. The latter often believes all other restorers and cleaners are competition, or “trade secrets” could get back around to competitors.

Yet some of the biggest individual company growth in this industry has come from peers mentoring and leaning into peers in other markets. Often, our peers have fresh perspectives on our pain points, resolutions to root problems in our businesses, or just straight up advice because they’ve been there before.

In this episode of Restoration Today, Restoration Advisers Founder Klark Brown joins the conversation to discuss the value of peer-to-peer training and learning, and how working together is an optimal way to refine our leadership skills and accelerate growth all at once.


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