Advanced DRI Expands Facility Services with Acquisition of Orange County Janitorial


Orange County Janitorial will continue operating under its own name and customers can expect a seamless transition 

Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. (Advanced DRI) is pleased to announce a strategic expansion of its facility services portfolio through the acquisition of Orange County Janitorial, a move that underscores Advanced DRI’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Orange County Janitorial, a well-established and respected name in the facility services industry, will continue to operate under its original name. This acquisition is a significant step forward in Advanced DRI’s growth strategy, allowing the company to diversify its service offerings while preserving the strong reputation that Orange County Janitorial has built over the years. The addition of Orange County Janitorial to the Advanced DRI family enhances the company’s ability to meet the evolving needs of its clients in a comprehensive manner.

“While we continue to excel in our core areas of expertise, we recognize the importance of offering a broader range of facility services to our clients,” stated Greg Boatwright, CEO of Advanced Disaster Recovery, Inc. “The acquisition of Orange County Janitorial allows us to do just that while retaining the trusted name and service excellence that their clients have come to expect.”

“We are excited to join forces with Advanced DRI, a company known for its commitment to excellence,” said Derek Wilkin, Founder of Orange County Janitorial. “Our team is enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership presents, and we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional facility services under the Orange County Janitorial name.”

Orange County Janitorial’s existing customers can expect a seamless transition. With this strategic acquisition, Advanced Disaster Recovery Inc. and Orange County Janitorial are well-positioned to provide an expanded range of facility services to clients across various industries, ensuring their properties are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

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