AdvantaClean Selects KnowHow to Revolutionize Training, Development & In-Field Support Across Franchise Network


AdvantaClean, a leading provider of mold remediation, air duct cleaning, and water damage restoration services, has adopted the KnowHow platform to enhance onboarding, in-field support, and training initiatives across their franchise network. With over 70 franchise owners operating across 140 territories, AdvantaClean sought a centralized resource for their company playbook. With KnowHow, they aim to enhance employee training and provide a consolidated, mobile-first source for all processes, revolutionizing the way their franchisees learn, operate and support their teams. 

Jim Thoma, VP of Operations at AdvantaClean, said, “Our industry is technical, and the better we train our team the better they serve our customers. Knowledge gives people confidence and confidence helps build trust with our customers.” With KnowHow, the company is able to provide their franchisees with a resource to go back to if there was something they did not retain from in-person training. 

The KnowHow app gathers expertise into one easy-to-access platform, ensuring that a company’s “how-to” is always at their staff’s fingertips, and is instantly translated into the

worker’s preferred language. The software is designed to help franchises rapidly standardize their company’s operations, enabling staff to tackle jobs quickly and professionally while eliminating costly errors. 

“We chose KnowHow because of how easy it is to use,” said Thoma, “KnowHow will allow our Network and our Corporate Staff to have one resource when it comes to learning, ensuring our teams will have answers they need at their fingertips.” KnowHow will also amplify AdvantaClean’s current in-person training by ensuring learners leave training with “a resource to go back to if there was something that they did not retain,” added Thoma. 

Whether staff are on-site or in the office, KnowHow ensures they have up-to-date, step-by-step guidance when they need it and gives them the confidence to get the job done right. With hundreds of fully customizable processes, KnowHow gives everyone on-the-job access to the knowledge they need to succeed in their role. 

“I spent a decade as a top performer in a Franchise Network with 100s of locations as both a Franchisee and Franchisor. I know firsthand how difficult it is for Franchise Networks to provide world-class support to their franchisees at scale. KnowHow is purpose-built for this challenge. It is intuitive and easy to use, enabling franchisees to equip their teams with clear guidance wherever work gets done. It is a great honor to support AdvantaClean in their mission to empower their franchisees to succeed,” said Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow. 

With KnowHow’s intuitive platform and hundreds of ready-to-use processes, AdvantaClean’s franchisees will have access to real-time knowledge and expertise, allowing them to provide consistent high-quality service that customers have come to expect from the brand. 

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