Truths & Myths of AI in Property Damage Restoration


Did you know the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is estimated to surpass $400 billion by 2027, according to Forbes? Did you know ChatGPT had more than one million users in the first five days of being available? That Forbes article also reveals 25% of companies are adopting more AI because of the labor shortage, and 60% of business owners believe AI will both increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

By harnessing the power of machine learning and advanced algorithms, AI systems are transforming how damages are assessed and repaired. These intelligent systems can quickly analyze vast amounts of data, such as images, sensor readings, and historical records, to accurately identify the extent of damage and recommend the most efficient restoration methods.

Verisk‘s VP of Property Technology Solutions, David Obert, joins Restoration Today to talk about the evolution of tech in restoration, what role AI does play – and likely will not play – in our industry, and more.

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