Apex Era Inc. Unveils ChatGPP: A Revolutionary Tool for Damage Restoration Professionals


Co-Founder Matt Gregory pioneers a groundbreaking large language model

Restorers are taking control of their future relationship with Artificial intelligence (A.I.). The release of chat GPP a first of its kind AI Model marks the latest advancement in how the industry plans to leverage these emerging technologies. 

 “I believe if we as an industry fail to adopt this new tech, we will be doomed to suffer the same pitfalls we have been paying the price on for years. We at Apex plan on leading the new Era of restoration in which restorers not only adopt emerging technologies but build on top of them” creator Matt Gregory said. 

ChatGPP offers an impressive array of answers to some of this industry’s most challenging questions form equipment recommendations, to the estimated PPD removal rate of a drying chamber, Xactimate line Items and many other industry standard responses. 

“I made sure that this tool was built by utilizing only official industry resources. There is no opinion data that it has been trained on. Every answer you find will be the same answer provided to you by the IICRC the IRA or any other official body. I once was a project manager and I understand the importance of knowing your guys in the field are armed with the needed information that plays a critical role in the drying process, I can only hope this tool assists them in their work.” 

You can find chatGPP completely free to use at www.apexerainc.com/chatgpp

If you have any questions about ChatGPP Feel free to reach out matt@apexerainc.com 

If you would like to inquire about apex custom lead generation services reach out to maria@apexerainc.com or call the office 609-931-5050

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