Art Restoration is More Than Just Paintings


The term “art restoration” means a lot more than bringing paintings back to life. Art encompasses many of the things that people value from a sculpture to home décor. These are often physical items that cause worry when the thought of damage from a flood or fire comes to mind.  There’s also an emotional connection to sentimental pieces handed down from generations, sports memorabilia, taxidermy or old family photographs that cannot be replaced but often can be restored.

In the event of artwork loss, choosing the right restoration company is important. At Prism Specialties, we provide a robust range of specialty restoration services to help those affected by a disaster. We restore electronics, appliances, documents, textiles AND art with top-quality customer service and clear communication from the beginning to the very end of the claim.  

Our efforts to simplify the restoration process will expand your service offerings with “art restoration” and help those after a loss get back to normal faster.

To learn more about the value of art restoration click here for a case study from a residential fire.

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