ATI Promotes Kurt Fairless to Chief Program Management Officer


ATI is excited to announce Kurt Fairless has been promoted to Chief Program Management Officer.

“In his first few months serving in this role, Kurt has already begun delivering on a plan that will bring scalable efficiencies to the organization that promote margin growth, efficiency improvements, and revenue growth,” said ATI CEO David Carpenter.

Based out of Chicago, Kurt has been a valuable member of the ATI family since 2005. In his previous role as Vice President of CORE Operations and throughout his tenure, Kurt has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to driving technology innovation forward and his expertise has helped shape the direction of our organization in impactful ways.

For example, as a National Project Director, he was a top revenue producer then later went on to develop pricing and policies as a result of emerging market changes, such as COVID and inflation. His ability to identify and implement process improvements helped generate greater Large Loss profitability.

As CPMO, Kurt will lead his team to new heights, focusing on centralized estimating and pricing, and harnessing cutting-edge technology to drive greater efficiencies and accuracy. Heading up the Program Management Office will include additional enterprise project management responsibilities that support operational excellence. Kurt will also roll out a new data analytics division while continuing to manage the Customer Care Center. His mastery in pricing, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking make him the perfect candidate to succeed in this role.

“Beyond his many professional achievements, Kurt is also a person of exceptional character, striving to do the Right Thing – Always,” Carpenter noted. “He is deeply committed to his work, colleagues, and community, and his willingness to go above and beyond have made him a true asset to our organization.”


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