BluSky Philanthropic Event Raises $18,000 for “Rewritten” in San Bernardino


BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, a leading national property restoration company in the U.S., today announced it raised $18,000 for ReWritten, a nonprofit organization in San Bernardino, California, through a fundraising event held September 17, 2021.

“We applaud the work ReWritten does in providing a support system to fatherless and underserved young people,” said Brian Edwards, BluSky vice president. “We share a common goal of making our communities better.”

Since 2012, ReWritten has served over 400 at-risk youth ages 5-18 in Southern California and nationwide through its scholarship and mentoring program.

“While it’s true BluSky’s generosity will provide over 250 hours of mentoring workshops and essential academic support to fatherless youth, their efforts are doing so much more,” said Frank Perez, ReWritten executive director and CEO. “BluSky’s kindness, quite profoundly, quite thoroughly, is providing freedom from a broken past and hope for a better future to the young men and women we serve. We are humbled by this incredible gift.”

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