What is SOCKTember 2023? 

It’s simple really. Most local community services NEED socks. It is one of the highest demand items for people in need of all ages. SOCKTember was started with the idea of picking up an extra pack of new socks whenever team members go to the store. If teams of contractors, customers, and community members did this we could raise a lot of new socks for local agencies.

  • During the month of September, local teams get together to raise as many new pairs of socks as they can.

  • In October, we count them up and teams donate to local charities of their choice.

  • All year long, the winners get to brag about beating their peers

  • All year long, participating teams get to share about the good work they have done in their local communities

Four ways to get involved in SOCKTember 2023:

  1. Share the SOCKTember social media posts.

  2. Start a local team!

  3. Buy socks to donate to a local team!

  4. Work with a local team to gather donations from friends, family, customers, and your community.

If you want to help but don’t feel like you have a lot of time or resources, that’s awesome. Please share the SOCKTember social media posts and if you are able donate a pack of new socks to a local team.

If you want to be actively involved in a local team, you can help by getting your community involved. Use SOCKTember as an excuse to reach out to prospective clients, service providers, and existing customers to compete against other teams who are doing the same. If there is no local team in your area, you can start your own.

How long has SOCKTember been active? 

The idea started in 2021 with a group of contractors in Washington State. Four teams assembled to have some fun while doing good. A trophy was purchased and initial bragging rights went to the Sisters for Socks out of Seattle, Washington led by Lindsey Ward (Reliable Content Services) and Sarah Roberts (ServiceMaster of Tacoma). They held the title consecutively in 2021 and 2022 until their plans of a three-peat were thwarted by On Side Restoration of Laval.

2020: 5,500 pairs of new socks raised 

Winner: Sisters for Socks (Seattle, WA)

U.S. state leader: Washington

2021: 66,435 pairs of new socks raised 

Winner: Sisters for Socks (Seattle, WA)

Nation leader: Canada

U.S. state leader: Washington

2022: 57,791 pairs of new socks raised 

Winner: On Side Restoration of Laval (Canda)

Nation leader: Canada

U.S. state leader: Washington

2023: _______ pairs of new socks raised

Winner: ______________

Nation leader: ______________

US state leader: ________________

What’s new for SOCKTember 2023? 

This year The DYOJO Podcast is excited to join forces with C&R Magazine and their Restoring Kindness initiative. Michelle Blevins and the C&R team have been involved in supporting SOCKTember from its humble beginnings, now they will bring their bandwidth to help spread this event to new countries, new states, and new teams throughout the world.

Important Dates for SOCKTember 2023

Stay tuned via the Restoring Kindness website for more information; the registration link will be live by July 19.

Please reach out to Jon Isaacson (The DYOJO) or Sarah Guastaferro (Restoring Kindness) for questions and information.

  • Team confirmations DUE: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

  • SOCKTember 2023 STARTS: Tuesday, August 29, 2023

  • SOCKTember 2023 ENDS: Tuesday, October 10, 2023

  • Final counts for SOCKTember 2023 DUE: Tuesday, October 24, 2023

  • SOCKTember 2023 winner ANNOUNCED: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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