Canam Systems Announces Tech Partnership with 1-800-Packouts


Canam Systems is pleased to announce that we will be a new technology partner for 1-800-Packouts. We are beyond thrilled about this new partnership that will bring an enhanced experience with Proven Jobs, CRM & Accounting along with industry expertise to both our customers and partners. Both organizations are committed to delivering the best solution to all franchisees and their customers. 

1-800-Packouts selected PSA as the only technology partner who offers a complete ERP solution designed specifically for the Restoration Industry. PSA provides technology that will assist in eliminating duplication between the office and the field while providing real-time transparency on costs and resources. This collaborative initiative is based on a long-term strategic partnership to provide content providers with a solution that must be directly connected to the insurance ecosystem and provide flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing industry. Canam Systems and 1-800-Packouts look forward to the new possibilities and great value our shared partnership will bring to this industry!

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