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Welcome to the Mitigation Minute MicroColumn by! This column provides quick, actionable tips to enhance your water mitigation efforts. Each tip is crafted to be simple, effective, and easy to implement with your team and company. Stay tuned for practical advice that can enhance your drying and mitigation services, save you time, and improve customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Class of Water Intrusion

What is the Class of Water all about? Its purpose is to estimate how much water will evaporate from wet materials to determine how much dehumidification is needed. If there is more evaporation than dehumidification, it could result in secondary damage as that excess humidity moves into drywall, framing, contents, etc.  Think of it like this: Someone’s digging a hole to install a swimming pool. They don’t have a truck to haul the dirt, so they plan to pile it into the driveway and hire a company to come daily to remove the dirt.

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What’s With All the Negative Pressure Around Here? (And Why It’s A Good Thing)

On many water damage projects, we should create a condition of negative pressure also called negative air or a pressure differential. The main purpose of this negative pressure is to eliminate cross-contamination to unaffected spaces.  We create negative pressure by pushing or pulling air out of our contained space, causing air from the surrounding spaces to come into the space, replacing the air being removed. Think of how turning on the exhaust fan in a bathroom would cause air to come under the door from the hallway to replace the air being exhausted out.

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