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At least once a week, I am asked a question related to trade shows and conferences in the restoration industry. Sometimes it’s about best fit for vendors, sometimes it’s about the best content for restorers, and sometimes it’s about starting something new! By a quick count, I attended 13 different trade shows and conferences this year, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what is out there when you add in franchises, regional meetings, etc. 

I am not going to speak about all the shows I attended, or that are on my radar, in this short Publisher’s Note, but I did want to give you at least a little insight into what I know about industry trade shows from my tenure thus far. Keep in mind, I attended 13 events, and could give you great info on each – but I only have so much space here. 

This year, RIA’s International Convention & Industry Expo was a phenomenal event – a leg above years past. The educational sessions were solid, trade show well-attended, and networking opportunities were among best in the industry. If you aren’t an RIA member, or haven’t attended an RIA event in a while, I recommend changing that in 2023. 

The Collective by CORE does a great job at being innovative – with fun networking times, themes, and parties. This year, they again had multiple breakout sessions running concurrently, giving attendees a lot of options on content, topics, and subject matter experts. 

Both of these events, along with ACCESS, are among the best opportunities to network, meet, and learn from the best of the best in the industry. 

If you are looking for something different, check out The Experience. It is a mix of carpet cleaners and smaller restoration companies, and includes unique learning opportunities by way of a flood house on the show floor and multiple track sessions. Also check out events like Reets Drying Academy’s Next Level Event – this year, they taught on profitability to a packed house. 

Want to chat about all this more offline? You know where to find me!

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Michelle Blevins

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Michelle Blevins

Michelle BlevinsMichelle Blevins is a content creator, marketing consultant, and entrepreneur whose career has been centered around education and fostering relationships within the industry she serves.

A journalist by trade, Michelle is passionate about running a publication rooted in integrity and valuable education. She views her role as owner and publisher of C&R Magazine as a bridge between industry experts and restoration and cleaning contractors.

Since joining the restoration industry, Michelle has made it her business to stay on top of the latest industry trends. She has become a go-to resource for anyone looking to learn more about what’s happening within today’s restoration industry. This has earned her a spot on many industry stages facilitating panels and helpful discussion with industry experts on the biggest topics facing restorers and cleaners in the current market.

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