CoreLogic and Artigem Align to Launch Contents Estimation Capabilities for Seamless Insurance Claims Management


Housed within CoreLogic Claims | Workspace Platform to Improve Insurance Claims Process 

CoreLogic®, a leader in global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions, is working with Artigem on the launch of new contents estimation capabilities within the CoreLogic® Claims | Workspace™ platform, delivering a seamless contents estimation experience that benefits insurance claims adjusters and estimators. With these new capabilities, insurance claims professionals can access all tools needed to provide homeowners with accurate estimates in a timely manner following a property loss – streamlining the previously disjointed and time- consuming process. 

“Claims professionals are under more strain with rising catastrophic events impacting millions of homeowners across the country,” said Jake Labrie, Executive Vice President, Insurance Solutions at CoreLogic. “By embedding Artigem into CoreLogic’s Claims Workspace, professionals will be able to access everything they need to process an estimate in one place through a singular, continuous workflow.” 

Determining the brand, quality and depreciation for various items – from typical everyday household items like furniture and electronics to valuable jewelry – has been a time-consuming and challenging process for claims estimators, who were left jumping from tool to tool across different platforms to accurately assign value to contents inventories. With CoreLogic’s Contents Estimation™ solution powered by Artigem, the claims process is now more streamlined so that property estimation can be achieved in one place with improved accuracy and increased carrier efficiency. 

Contents Estimation creates a comprehensive solution where all of the professional tools are in one place, eliminating the need to toggle between tools. With this addition, adjusters and estimators will have access to: 

  • Real-time pricing: Provides updated and accurate market pricing based on configurable, major retailers.
  • Automated estimation: Reducing the time it takes to process inventory lists.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Making contents estimation intuitive and minimizing training needs.
  • Policyholder collaboration: Enhancing claim experience for policyholders by resolving questions with ease.

“We are delighted to join forces with CoreLogic, a company that shares our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry. This alliance is a testament to our shared values of 

innovation, customer-centricity and a relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Kurt Artinger, CEO of Artigem. “As we embark on this collaborative journey, we are confident that combining our SaaS products for structure and contents will result in groundbreaking solutions that will redefine industry standards. We are honored to be working with such a great company and their brilliant team members.” 

Contents Estimation within CoreLogic Claims | Workspace was announced at CoreLogic’s second annual INTRCONNECT event. To learn more about Contents Estimation by CoreLogic, reach out to 

About CoreLogic 

CoreLogic is a leading provider of property insights and innovative solutions, working to transform the property industry by putting people first. Using its network, scale, connectivity and technology, CoreLogic delivers faster, smarter, more human-centered experiences that build better relationships, strengthen businesses, and ultimately create a more resilient society. For more information, please visit 

CORELOGIC®, Contents Estimation™, and Workspace™ are the trademarks of CoreLogic, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

About Artigem 

Artigem is reimagining how carriers engage with contents claims. Since 2001, the company has implemented technology to provide efficient and accurate ways to process claims and value items. Artigem Streamline Contents software is our continuation of innovattion in the claims space. Streamline provides new efficiencies incrementally for all users to a faster claim resolution. By embracing these technological advancements internally and externally, Artigem will continue to expand its service offerings within the insurance industry and beyond. To learn more, visit or 

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