Crawford Contractor Connection® Partners with Encircle for Moisture Data Analytics


Encircle is pleased to announce it has partnered with Crawford Contractor Connection®, an industry leader in contractor managed repair services, to enhance the use of moisture data analytics for network contractors providing water mitigation services. Encircle Hydro, the drying feature included in the mobile app, will allow network contractors to easily capture required mitigation data quickly and accurately within one mobile application in the field.

Water loss documentation is particularly complex, including psychrometrics, moisture readings, and equipment calculations that track the drying process. Encircle Hydro uses a simple checklist to guide any technician through the process of setting up and documenting the critical moisture details of a water loss. All of this data is then packaged into a thorough report that details the drying process and justifies the equipment used on the job.

“With our focus on designing a field documentation platform that serves the needs of a tactile-oriented field user, Encircle has grown to be the most trusted software provider with restoration contractors over the past 10 years,” says Encircle founder and CEO Paul Donald. “We make it easy for restorers to capture data with consistency and integrity right in the field. Contractor Connection can trust that the Encircle reports they receive from their network of contractors represent the single source of truth.”

Encircle will integrate seamlessly into the Contractor Connection platform, which delivers quality repairs in a timely manner with exceptional customer experiences through rigorous contractor vetting, stringent quality management, and a proprietary technology ecosystem.

“As the largest managed repair network in North America partnering with many of the top insurance carriers, we take pride in the accuracy and efficiency we bring to our carrier clients,” says Lance Malcolm, U.S. President of Contractor Connection. “We were impressed by the feedback we received about Encircle from contractors in our network. We expect the Encircle reports will bring a high level of data integrity and professionalism that will leave nothing open to interpretation and will keep our reviewers and contractors on the same page. Plus, the speed at which the reports can be shared will certainly improve our claim cycle times.”

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