Employee Life Cycle: Attraction


If you were looking for a job today, would you be attracted to your company from the outside? The public may know what services you offer, but have you made the public aware of who the company is on the inside? 

Gallup stated that 21 million employees left their job in July 2021. And for many companies within the restoration industry, the Great Resignation has hit hard leaving many employers wondering where to go and what to do. But the more intricate a problem seems to be only means that the solution lies in the basics.  

Beginning this month, I will take you on a six-part journey of the employee life cycle and experiences. The employee life cycle is not just the steps, but also, the experience including the positive and the negative. It comprises of all the touchpoints which includes feelings and perceptions that will influence productivity, cooperation, effectiveness, team building, and success. The employee life cycle consists of: Attraction, Recruitment, On-boarding, Development, Retention, and Separation. This month, we will begin with the first of the six: Attraction.  

First impressions are everything, and if anyone says otherwise, they’re wrong. 

Ask yourself, what is the allure, the appeal, or the charm of your company?  

Attraction is the introduction or “flirting” stage. The employee experience begins the moment a candidate is introduced to your company and brand. In my opinion, this is the most critical stage of the employee life cycle. How your company culture is defined and perceived is on the first impression.  

Recently, I have attended several luncheons, conferences, and other events where I was put to sleep within 10 minutes of arrival. The mood of the events was somber, very business-like, and honestly, BORING! The attendees of these events were all high-level managers and executives charged with executing company culture. If a potential applicant was in the audience, it would be a hard no for most of the companies in attendance. Attraction can happen anywhere at any time.  

I ask you, where is the enthusiasm?? Why would anyone rush to complete an application for your company if they do not see excitement?  

If companies are experiencing hiring and retention issues, let’s look at becoming more attractive to prospective applicants through being excited and enthusiastic about working at your awesome company! 

Companies number one priority and focus for stability, growth, and fortification needs to be attracting and recruiting top talent. So, how do you do that? 

  1. Create online content that matches company culture. Showcase videos and pictures that highlight company culture.  
  2. Feature employee testimonials to show the excitement and enthusiasm.  
  3. Ensure that internal and external branding matches. 
  4. Be ENTHUSIATIC!!! If you are not excited about your company, why would you expect an employee to be. 
  5. Connect to the person first. People walk into your company and become the employee. 
  6. Align your mission, culture and purpose to attraction. Let applicants see who you are all the time!   

I read an article recently that said today’s employee is a consumer of the workplace. Companies are not just selling services anymore, but themselves as well. Where are you positioning your company for the future? Are you setting your company up for better “shelf placement?” Consumers purchase products more when they are at eye level on the shelf…closest to eye level.  

Attraction is about always drawing the eye of the potential applicant straight towards you and keeping it there. 

Attraction is the most important step in strategic planning for the future and growth. Companies must stand tall above the rest to ensure top talent and recruits. Make sure what they see is exactly what they will get.  

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Marcie Richardson

With over 20 years of HR experience, Marcie understands the struggles companies face in compliance regulation and policy structure. She recognizes that effective company culture and policies start with how we treat employees. As the Director of Human Resources for Guarantee Restoration Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she values the need for a strong company culture to ensure operational continuity. Marcie obtained her IICRC in WRT and ASD because she believes to truly understand the needs of each employee, you need to understand their job. Marcie also holds a Louisiana Department of Insurance License in Health, Life & Accident.


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