Empower Brands Surges Forward: A Year of Remarkable Growth and Expansion


Leading franchisor surpasses $1.2 billion in sales, expands territories and acquires key brands all within a year of its rebranding

Empower Brands, multi-brand franchisor of premium commercial and residential services, celebrates remarkable milestones just one year after its rebranding. The umbrella company has navigated an extraordinary path since November 2022, achieving unprecedented growth through strategic acquisitions and expansion, solidifying itself as a top player in the franchising industry.

When the rebranding was announced last year, Empower Brands set an aggressive goal to increase its portfolio to 10 brands by the close of 2023. Empower currently boasts 11 brands on its roster, having acquired four industry-disrupting organizations – Wallaby Windows, Koala Insulation, Canopy Lawn Care and Bumble Roofing.

Empower not only grew its brand roster, but expanded its already established brands adding over 200 new franchise territories, bringing its portfolio to over 800 territories across 42 states and eight countries. The brand also set a company record by surpassing $1.2 billion in systemwide sales.

The exceptional growth has garnered recognition for Empower Brands in prominent industry listings, including Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, Inc. 5000 and Franchise Times’ Dealmakers of the Year.

“This year stands as proof of the dedication and hard work of our team, strategic partners and franchisees,” said Scott Zide, CEO of Empower Brands. “Their commitment has been instrumental in our success, driving our growth and achievements. We’re poised to build upon this foundation of collaboration to further innovate and excel what we’ve established.”

The brand’s commitment to a franchisee-first approach is evident in the formation of a seasoned senior leadership team and an increase in corporate staff by over 40 individuals. Additionally, the establishment of an incubation team signifies Empower Brands’ forward-looking strategy to nurture and cultivate emerging brands within its ecosystem.

Ongoing incubation efforts for Canopy Lawn Care and Bumble Roofing showcase the company’s dedication to cultivating emerging brands into successful ventures. Empower Brands is poised to unveil its first franchise agreements with these acquired brands before the end of the year, signaling a strategic move towards amplifying its market presence and offerings.

Empower Brands remains committed to its vision of continual evolution and innovation. 2023 was a year of rapid growth, expansion, investment, and unbelievable change. As the brand looks ahead to 2024, its theme will be to adapt, evolve and innovate. Now is the opportune time to build upon and improve what it has already established.

To learn more about franchising with Empower Brands, visit EmpowerFranchising.com. For a full update from Scott Zide, visit Empower Brand’s YouTube.

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