Encircle Officially Launches Hydro to Simplify Restorative Drying


Encircle, the only all-in-one field documentation solution (FDS), has officially launched Hydro to simplify restorative drying while driving profitability and reducing liabilities for restorers.

Initially unveiled at The Experience show in Las Vegas, the Hydro feature within Encircle acts as a water damage expert to guide technicians on jobs of any size, whether it’s a small residential job or large commercial loss. Hydro helps techs create a drying plan, establish dry standards, as well as log moisture and psychrometric readings.

CLICK HERE to watch C&R’s interview with Encircle VP Kris Rzesnoski from the show floor at The Experience.

“Hydro offers easy, repeatable processes that any technician can perform on any size of job, regardless of their training or level of experience,” explained Paul Donald, CEO of Encircle. “That’s incredibly important in an industry struggling with employee turnover and technical training.”

“Hydro has created more consistency in our documentation and the technicians love how easy it is to use,” added Nate Judy of Tobins Restoration. “We appreciate the improvement and look forward to what is coming next.”

Additionally, restorers can create thorough, dynamic reports with just a few clicks, producing documentation that stands up to scrutiny in a court of law and offers adjusters a detailed summary of the claim, allowing restorers to get paid faster. Hydro also includes equipment calculators that follow the S500 IICRC Standard, enabling restoration contractors to size the job right from day one.

“One of the biggest trends we see in restoration is contractors undersizing their equipment, which leads to longer dry times,” explained Kris Rzesnoski, VP of Encircle. “If you’re on program work, you’re getting capped at 3 or 4 days with only half of the equipment you’re supposed to have. If you can get in there and properly size the job, you’re going to charge what you’re supposed to charge to dry the job as quickly as possible.”

Recognizing the complexities of restorative drying, the Hydro workflow was developed based on years’ worth of insights and best practices followed by industry veterans. By transferring that knowledge using technology, it allows field technicians to dry buildings correctly, professionally, and with confidence, maximizing profits and eliminating mistakes from day one.

“Great software products are created from companies that are relentless in understanding real customer feedback and are truly motivated to solve complex problems with simple and intuitive solutions. Encircle’s team did just that with their new Hydro moisture tool by focusing on the real needs of contractors and front-line technicians in a fragmented software ecosystem,” said Jay  Holland, Vice President of Franchise Systems at Restoration 1 Headquarters. “Hydro provides the ease of use with instant value and our locations are rapidly adopting it across the country.”

For more information about Hydro, visit getencircle.com/hydro.

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