Envoy Solutions Announces KleenLine as Exclusive Brand


Trusted Jan-San Brand Gets National Reach

KleenLine, a trusted name in the Jan-San industry for nearly 90 years, is expanding into new markets as an Envoy Solutions exclusive brand. The KleenLine re-brand is part of a national launch campaign that includes a new brand look and feel and new category expansion.

KleenLine is a brand rich in history, dating back to 1935 in the Jan-San industry. Since 1962, KleenLine has been one of the most successful and trusted brands for WAXIE Sanitary Supply, one of Envoy Solutions’ regional distribution companies within its rapidly growing national platform. The KleenLine brand includes products and solutions designed to make facilities healthier, cleaner, safer, and more productive, and it offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet the daily demands of the cleaning professional.

With this launch, soon KleenLine will be available exclusively through Envoy Solutions’ family of companies and will expand its janitorial product portfolio to include sanitary paper, can liners, mopping systems, floor pads, and more.

Our mission is to improve the daily operations, health, wellness, and safety of people, facilities, and businesses,” said Rick Hazard, VP of Exclusive Brands for Envoy Solutions. “The KleenLine brand is perfectly positioned to meet that mission and to help our clients succeed every day. And we are thrilled that we can now better serve our national client base through our exclusive brand.”

The brand will launch this summer, starting with a new and innovative hand hygiene system. Envoy Solutions will release more products and solutions over the coming months. Go to our website, for more information and to see product demonstrations.

About Envoy Solutions:

Envoy Solutions is a specialized distributor and solution provider serving the U.S. market through a family of the nation’s best regional distributors. We specialize in Jan-San, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution. Envoy Solutions offers a broad catalog of top brands and products, along with deep expertise and advice, to help our client-partners succeed. We are driven to make facilities cleaner and more sustainable, people safer, and operations more productive, every day. 

Based in Glenview, Ill., Envoy Solutions is the parent company of North American Corporation, WAXIE Sanitary Supply, Southeastern Paper Group, Daycon, North Woods, PJP, Johnston, Next-Gen, Swish White River, Valley Janitor Supply Company, Weiss Bros., General Chemical & Supply, Bio-Shine, ATRA, Sigma Supply of North America, American Paper & Supply Company, Hughes Enterprises, Sunbelt Packaging, and NVISION. For more information, please visit www.envoysolutions.com.

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